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I've been wanting a recipe for spatzle that is more diabetic friendly for my dh. This will be the one. Thanks for posting it.

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ohgal January 07, 2013

this recipe works very well! i tried several recipes for spatzle and this one makes the most consistent results. plus i like that it uses whole wheat flour, as i use that whenever possible. and i find the directions more accurate, as i used to remove my spatzle from the water too soon, as many recipes say to remove them when they float to the top. i am lucky enough to have a spatzle tool (basically like a flat grating surface with a sliding feeder tube on top) and this is my go-to recipe now. served it last night with sauerbraten.

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graffeetee January 01, 2013

There are many of us who do not have a spatzle machine and have to adapt to what we have and couldn't buy one in the areas that we we are located. This is a good recipe. Thanks for posting Bergy. I haven't done a review until now, too busy but I will make again.My family used water or milk in making spatzle and they were from Germany, depending on how "flush" they were,meaning if they had the resources for milk. They also served this with Scrapple made with pork, oatmeal, allspice and salt.(Not the cormeal kind). I was raised on Scrapple. Yumm! Again thanks Bergy.

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Montana Heart Song March 25, 2007

The most important thing was forgotten. You can not use just a regular colander, it has to be the special spatzle maker with the big holes. Also I believe that 8 minutes of cooking time given here, is could be too long. Noodles are almost ready when they come to the top of the boiling water. I did not try this recipe, since i have been makint spatzle all my life. I never use milk, or butter in the mix. only water salt and eggs. (nutmeg is ok) Spatzle never served with rakott kaposzta, (that served only with bread). Spatzle served with paprikash chicken, or beef or as spatzle with eggs and bacon as a meal itself. (this is customary in the spring with the first fresh head of lettuce)

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sanjuanisland March 24, 2007
Hungarian Spatzle