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My mother used to make these at Christmas but we called them snowballs. They practically melt in your mouth and are soooo yummy!

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fabesbabe6755 December 03, 2008

These cookies are rich, melt-in-your mouth good, and are a sister to an old recipe of my mother's that we often make at Christmas. I chopped up some pecans in my food processor and then made the rest of the dough right in the machine; it was easy. Yes the dough was very crumbly, but I had no trouble squeezing it into nice uniform balls. These cookies don't spread at all, so I spaced mine about an inch apart. The baking time took 16 minutes for some reason, but maybe my oven wasn't preheated to the full extent yet, as I was impatient to get baking. I usually roll these cookies in powder sugar while they are still warm and the sugar sort of melts on the outside, giving it another layer of sweetness. But...they are much more fragile when warm and you do have to be careful they don't break. As I was munching one delicious cookie, I realized that the dough needed a pinch of salt, and I wished I had thought of it and included it in the ingredients. Karen...you have the BEST cookie collection on Zaar, and the go to chef whenever I need a sweet treat. Thanks.

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Geema October 28, 2005
Hungarian Nut Nuggets (Cookies)