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I'm glad you posted this one. I've probably been making this recipe since the 70's, and it's hard to beat. I've tried more "authentic" recipes, but the family keeps asking for this one. I modify it just a bit now - using only 2 tbsp canola oil instead of shortening, and just one tsp of salt instead of two. Hungarian paprika is our favorite kind. I also like to use the pressure cooker, which improves the flavor.

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PanNan December 07, 2003

We enjoyed this dish, but I would definitely exclude the sugar next time. I cut the amount in half and it was still too sweet. Otherwise we thought it was a really nice dish. Thanks!

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food bee May 21, 2011

I never tried this recipe, but if you would like a true hungarian goulash recipe like it is made in the hungarian neighborhood of South Bend IN. here it is .Brown stew meat cut into one inch squares in about two tablespoons of olive oil. do this in batches so your browning in oil not meat juices, you will need at least two and a half to three pounds. when all of the meat is browned add one medium chopped onion and cook with all the good flavers that have been cooked on the bottom, cook to tender then add one tablespoon garlic cook about two minutes.Add enough water to cover add more if needed to maintain the proper level , now here is where the flavor comes in ,you will need true hungarian paprika no other paprika will do. i use Budapest's Best sweet delicate brand its in the seasons isle. put about two or three tablespoons or to taste . simmer until meat is tender,about one to two hours. take four russet potatoes cut into bite size cubes and add to soup simmer just long enough so that the potatoes are done. then stop cooking or the potatoes will get mushy.Next find a hard crusted bread like a bagget slice a piece of bread add some butter and dip it into the juice and enjoy . I hope that you print this recipe as it is the truest hungarian recipe that there is.

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the true pol. October 23, 2010

I've always used this recipe, its very good! I used to use cut up round steak but stew beef works, too.

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Shelaigh A. December 05, 2015

I have made this recipe for over 30 years...I serve it with noodles...I also add more catsup than the recipe calls for ..but it one of my family's comfort foods, and am glad that I was able to find it online..

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Kathy D. February 09, 2014

Very good! Initially I used homemade beef stock rather than water. I then had to add water every now and then as it cooked. Next time, I'll start with water instead of the stock. My neighbor (who often eats with me) immediately detected the sugar in it (even though I didn't even add the full tablespoon). He does NOT like sugar in meat dishes, so I'll skip the sugar next time, too. Really a great dish, though. Served it over little curly-q noodles.

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pinkpeppercorns May 17, 2010

I give this 5 stars because my family thought it was good. I personally thought it was missing something. I wanted it to be spicier? or something else. I might search diff recipes to see how they differ. My brother in law said he thought it would be better over rice (we had it over buttered egg noodles). Thanks for the recipe and I am glad I tried it.

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Dissie April 28, 2009

My family just loves this recipe! This is the one meal that my twin three year olds scarf down with no complaints. They both just ate two whole bowls of it! It is a very inexpensive meal, as well - great for a family on a tight budget.

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Cybill August 05, 2008

I appreciate you posting this recipe. I know that its not "authentic" as "authentic hungarian" goes. But its authentic to me and my family. My stepfathers aunt made hungarian goulash for me many years ago and I have been wanting to recreate it ever since. This particular recipe is so darn close I call good. This dish never fails to please and I always have to make large quantities. A single batch is never enough. If there are leftovers, which doesnt happen often, they dont make it past the second day.

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wyldfire98 August 04, 2008

Delicious! Family loved it! I followed the recipe exactly, and I can't imagine the flavor being improved upon. I froze the leftovers in a 7 x 11 baking dish. After thawing overnight in the refrigerator, I baked it (covered) at 350 for about 35 minutes, until heated through. Still as flavorful as ever.

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Deb G March 30, 2008
Hungarian Goulash