Total Time
3hrs 20mins
Prep 20 mins
Cook 3 hrs

Tried looking for a recipe on recipezaar for goulash, but couldn't find the true thing. This is the real deal. That crock-pot mess with ground beef, tomatoes, and mushy macaroni is NOT goulash. Whoever started that idea or started calling it that should be ashamed of themselves. Real Goulash has NO tomatoes... the red-orange flavor comes from Hungarian Paprika. --adapted from June Meyer's (an actual Hungarian) recipe-- thanks! and to those who are posting nasty reviews, quibbling over semantics... please stop. Thank you.

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  1. in dutch oven or electric skillet: roll beef in paprika, saute in fat.
  2. Add rest of ingredients, except sour cream.
  3. Bring to slow boil, cover, and simmer for 3-4 hours, checking liquid levels.
  4. When done, serve over hot buttered noodles or potatoes -- top w/ sour cream.


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THIS IS NOT "AUTHENTIC" GOULASH!!<br/>Gulyasleves is a soup. It does not, under any circumstances, contain dill pickles or sour cream!! While this recipe is a bit closer to the real thing than the American macaroni mess that is paraded around as 'goulash', it still is NOT the real thing, so please don't call it authentic because it makes Hungarians like myself cringe!<br/>True Hungarian gulyas is a soup made with beef or pork stew, onions, garlic, carrots, parsnip, potatoes, caraway seeds and of course paprika. It is served with homemade csipetke, which is pinched noodles.

HungarianGal August 21, 2013

Nice try, closer to the real deal, but not quite there. Where did you get the idea of pickles? Maybe sauerkraut if it was Szekely version, but not pickles. I think maybe you're confusing Porkolt, Szekelykapozsta and Gulyasleves, which are each different things. Hungarian food will fool you because the addition of one ingredient will make it a diferent item. Or one technique changed and now it's a different effect. Truly, it's a perfectionistic cuisine, like the French. Too bad some people don't realize we once had an Empire and we're not just hicks who make peasant food. I gave you 3 stars because you were truly trying, thank you for trying, it's appreciated, but it's offensive to call something authentic if it isn't. If you look around at old bookstores, you can find old Hungarian cookbooks and somtimes they are good, sometimes bad. Culinaria Hungary is pretty good, but missing some of the traditonal House (when famous people's recipes became known) and regional recipes (like Szekely and Banat regions which are now in Romania and other countries).

inga R. October 09, 2013

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