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I loved the easyness of this recipe. The problem I had was that it was way too light for my tastes. I really liked the idea of using the chick pea liquid instead of olive oil but next time I will add much less of the liquid and supplement it with olive oil. I would aslo reccomend adding a dash of hot sauce to kick it up a little!

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jennyblender May 31, 2008

so easy and delicious! i used my Magic Bullet blender and it fit perfectly!

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islander March 22, 2007

Who needs to buy deli style plastic flavored hummus when this recipe is so easy and quick to whip up. Great protien subsitute for those fat-laden work lunches. This recipe leaves me feeling energized and not overly full when accompied by tiny baby carrots, radishes, spring onions. I also used this wonderful recipe as a spread on sesame crackers with spicy sprouts, cucumbers and red onions.

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missgoldberg July 15, 2005

I doubled this recipe and changed it considerably. I roasted the sesame seeds in a skillet before adding them to the liquid. I used three (3) cloves of minced garlic, the juice from one lemon (appx. 2+ tbls, 1 1/2 tsp ground cumin, 1 tsp salt, 1/2 cayenne pepper, 1/2 paprika. I spinkled paprika on the top for a garnishment. I took this to a party last night and got many, many compliments. The only reason I marked this at four stars is because I just couldn't get it smooth. Next time I am will try putting the sesame seeds in the food processor and add the liquid gradually. Hopefully this will help it to become more of a paste and it may catch more of the seeds so they will become more ground. I'm also going to make it without roasting the seeds just to see if I can make it any faster and still have that nice nutty flavor. All in all it didn't take me long at all to make this and it was delicious. I use this recipe (with tahini) with black beans instead of chickpeas as well. Mmmmm!!!

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seabeewyfe93 March 28, 2004

This is exactly what I was looking for! I don't like most jarred tahini, but I love sesame flavor. This was so EASY and quick to make. And I even took the skins off my chickpeas because it makes the hummus smoother. Using a blender, I had trouble getting it as smooth as I prefer. Perhaps using a spice mill for the seeds would help.

I'm a salt lover, but I think 1 tsp. salt is too much for this amount of hummus. I would cut it to half, then add more after blending, to taste.

I love the idea of toasting the sesame seeds a bit, will try that next time.


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ladybronco March 02, 2012

Wanted hummus but of course didn't have any tahini and didn't feel like buying any. This worked out well. Made it the first time as per the recipe, but found that the sesame seeds were a little too gritty for me. Second time, I toasted the sesame seeds first, and ground them up, then continued with the recipe. That worked out better for me. Thank you!

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Liara September 21, 2008

My boss and her family are from Cyprus and her dad used to make his own hummus that I have never been able to copy (even WITH his recipe).This was kinda tedious using the blender - think it would have gone easier with a food processor. Not a fan of big sesame flavor in my hummus so used less than suggested and increased the lemon a bit. Also bumped up the flavor and used roasted red peppers. All in all it was a yummy spread that I will surely keep in my files!

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really_lala February 26, 2006

I also make mine with sesame seeds! It is almost impossible to get rid of the seedy texture. We have just gotten used to it. I also add cumin, paprika, cayenne and salt to taste. I use bottled lemon (just a little less). When I want it hot, I add a few slices of jalapeno (the kind in a jar). It is all about easy for me. Put everything in a processor and pulse! Really good if eaten with toasted flatbread (wheat)cut into triangles.

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Lizzy McGee September 01, 2004
Hummus with Pureed Sesame Seeds (No Pre-made Tahini Here!)