Recipe by Robyns Cookin

This recipe was developed over much trial and error. It tastes exactly like a local Greek restaurant chain, which was my goal! Lots of "bright" tasting lemon and garlic. The cayenne and cumin add really subtle, but necessary, flavor (not much heat)! This hummus is SUPER addicting and a thousand times better than any store-bought! We like to eat this "as is" with pitas triangles, veggies (carrots and cucumber are my faves), or in wraps.

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  1. Add all ingredients, except for the reserved garbanzo bean juice, to the work bowl of your food processor (could also use a blender).
  2. Process until well blended.
  3. While the processor is still running, slowly add reserved garbanzo bean juice through the feed chute until desired consistency. (Sometimes I find half a can juice is enough, sometimes I prefer a whole can.).
  4. Transfer desired amount to a serving dish and sprinkle with a bit of paprika and parsley.

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