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These were delicious, even though I made a lot of changes. Admittedly, I get irritated when I read reviews and the reviewer has changed everything about the recipe. However, I am trying to reduce my calorie and fat intake so I made some adjustments, so please forgive me :) I used high fiber tortillas, and sprayed muffin tins with olive oil instead of buttering. This made them a little difficult to remove, so next time I'd probably use a bit of butter. I used 2% shredded cheese, and Greek yogurt in place of the sour cream. Delicious, very filling and oh so attractive when they come out of the oven! These are sure to impress your brunch guests! If I made them without my adjustments, I'm sure they would be five stars plus!

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Treewoman October 19, 2013

this is very good .i cut tortillas in half and sprayed with pam before stuffing into the muffin tins really good , didnt put cheese on so could see for picture

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Dienia B. November 03, 2013

Made with whole wheat flaxseed tortillas and sprayed them with cooking spray instead of butter. Made 3(one with the scraps from the other 2 tortillas). This made a great dinner. Thanks!

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Sharon123 October 23, 2013

Im not sure if I should have used larger baking trays, mine are actually cupcake tins rather than muffin tins, nonetheless, this worked out very well and was rather a fun recipe to try, I've never done something similar before! I cut the tortillas in triangles and moulded to fit, worked rather well actually. I made my own salsa, heavy on the coriander, -- umm, otherwise, as recipe, my husband was like, wow! We enjoyed this light dinner very much, thanks for sharing, Nancy, made for For Your Consideration YUKU tag game

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Karen Elizabeth October 09, 2014

These were great! I didn't butter because I have a nonstick muffin pan, and the tortillas crisped up beautifully. For my tastes I should have pulled it out 2-3 minutes sooner, because the eggs were fully set and I prefer a runny yolk. Because I have a 12 muffin pan I did 6 with eggs, and 6 with just the bean and salsa mixture. I cut 10" tortillas into 1/3s and they worked perfectly. Made for the "For Your Consideration" tag game @ http://4foodfriendsandfun.yuku.com/

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Random Rachel July 10, 2014

Nancy this is good on so many levels. Great flavors, easy and fast to make & looks attractive when done; could anything be better! My only changes were to cut WAY back there's only 2 of us; & instead of muffin tins I put them in a ramekin. Great flavors that I'll be using again and again. Made for PRMR game

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Bonnie G #2 April 01, 2014
Huevos Rancheros in Muffin Cups