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This was delightful! I made half of the recipe. I don't have a regular food processor, just a mini one that has to stay closed while it's running, so I just added a tiny amount of oil, processed a bit, added more, etc until I got the consistency I wanted. I added just a small amount of honey for sweetener and no extra salt. Enjoyed on multigrain toast - thanks for sharing this treat!

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loof October 27, 2010

Wonderful! I have tried store bought sunflower seed butter and I have never cared for it, but tried this since I had some seeds I didn't know what to do with... And this is fantastic. I had slightly less than a cup of seeds, so I didn't measure the other ingredients. Just buzzed these in the processor, then started drizzling oil (I used grape seed, as it was what I have) until it was the right consistency. Sweetened with agave (just developed a taste for) and it turned out great. Thanks for sharing.

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Queen Roachie February 26, 2013

This is great! I made this in my Magic Bullet and used a bit of honey as the sweetener. It's a lot more economical to make this yourself than to buy those expensive nut/see butters and it only took a few minutes to do once the seeds were roasted.

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Dreamer in Ontario October 04, 2011

Cookgirl, this butter is so delicious! I had it this morning on multigrain toast, and both parrots couldn't get enough! I used manuka honey, and the caramel flavour went very well with the roasted sunflower seeds. I did go with Laloula's idea and add a bit of cinnamon, which added a wonderful flavour element. Yum, yum, yum! Thank you for posting - this is a new favourite! Recipenapped for Veggie Swap 24.

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Katzen August 08, 2010

really the BEST thing I've had in a long while...made playing "I recommend tag" and I would recommend this as a must try for all... this is better than any nut butter I've ever had...my new favorite thing-THANKS Cookgirl-what a great recipe share!!!

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free-free August 01, 2010

WOW, this is very, very yummy!!!!! I love the creaminess and thickness of the butter, which is perfect for spreading on something and also for having it plain. YUM! The taste is very distinct with a great roasty aroma. I might have roasted my seeds a tad too long so the butter turned very dark, but the taste was superb nonetheless. I left out the sweetner but added in some cinnamon. I will definitly make this again. Such a wonderful healthy spread! THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this winner with us, Cookgirl! Made and reviewed for Veggie Swap #24 July 2010.

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Lalaloula June 30, 2010
How to Make Your Own Sunflower Seed Butter