How to Make Lemon / Lime / Orange Zest

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

Does running your fruit over a box grater / hand grater not work? Here is a handy post on how to zest citrus fruits using your handheld kitchen appliances since the by-hand way is so time consuming! I keep a jar of dried orange zest around but I like fresh lemon/lime zest sometimes.


  1. You will need a vegetable/potato peeler plus a mini food chopper or spice grinder for this. Blenders also work.
  2. Wash your fruit, then make sure it is perfectly dry.
  3. Run the peeler down the lemon/lime and make about 8 strips.
  4. Cut the strips in half.
  5. Put the strips in the chopper/grinder with the sugar and then pulse in the chopper until very fine. If using a blender, use the Liquefy setting for about 15-20 seconds.
  6. It's ready to be used in your recipe now!
  7. Got dried zest such as dried orange peel, etc? If you're like me and prefer the convenience of dried, here's how to make it close to fresh-- hydrate it with 3 parts water to 1 part peel. and let it stand for 15 minutes prior to using. I think powdered lemon rind works like regular zest and doesn't require rehydration.
  8. Please note-- rehydration DOUBLES the dry amount! For instance, if you hydrate 1 Tbsp zest with 3 Tbsp water, you will get 2 Tbsp "freshened" zest.
Most Helpful

I made lime zest without the sugar and it added a delightfully sweet and fresh flavor! Thanks! (-:

Chef changed4Him September 08, 2014

This really works and I had no fingers or finger nails wounded in doing it. :-)
Thanks for sharing!

mbfans July 13, 2010