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Thankfully, I have children who actually love their vegetables, but that doesn't mean that I can't throw in extra for good measure, and as they love their pasta, it seemed like a win win situation.
I used a Paul Newman Basil, Tomato and Garlic Sauce, but didn't use the extra can of tomato sauce, as I thought this would be sufficient.
I used chicken mince in my mixture, and used a combination of regular and wholewheat spaghetti....the verdict?
The children ( aged 5 and 7) absolutely devoured this and in record time too...and were full of praise...and I agree...a great tasting dish for the whole family to enjoy!
Made for PRMR.

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Noo July 23, 2012

I rated this recipe for what it is, a great recipe for spaghetti sauce with added nutritional value. It's also easy to put together & has the option to incorporate other vegys, I added finely chopped beets & jalapeno for the zucchini. However, my DH prefers the more trational sauce & thought there were too many vegys. I like to 'hide' vegys in all my recipes but found this one abit harder to get away with it. Next time I'll cut them back abit (or increase the sauce). I also cut out the sugar cause I find canned pasta sauce already has enough suger in it. I amended this recipe for my electronic pressure cooker & it works very well. I used 1 cup of water & it came out nice and saucy/thick. Great recipe, thanks for sharing.

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Mustang Sally 54269 October 28, 2011

Simple and delightful. I think anytime a fresh veggie is in the mix, it tastes better. I made a batch of this to freeze for the winter months. We taste tested it and even DH liked it and who knew zukes were in it. I do a similar rendition using garden tomatoes but I like the ease of making this recipe using the canned sauce and will do so again. Thank you for a simply lovely recipe that sits well on the taste buds. A very simpl and lovely go to quick sauce to make for dinner. Made for AUS/NZ Aug2010 Swap

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Chef1MOM-Connie August 10, 2010

Yummy sauce indeed! I like it even chunkier than this, but for kids, I think this is spot-on. Scarcely any recognizable "green things" LOL! I used rehydrated TVP instead of ground meat, to thicken it up. Thanks!

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White Rose Child February 17, 2009

Yummy yummy yummy! The baby loved this. I substited just a large can of tomatoes for the spaghetti sauce. This is similar to what i typically do but i enjoyed adding all the other veggies. Great sauce. Thanks!

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Kimke July 16, 2003

First off, let me sincerely apologize for taking so long to rate this recipe for my tag in PRMR! I didn't forget about you, I just had life get away from me for a minute again! Awe the life with an illness. :( But now, on to the review. We truly enjoyed this take on spaghetti sauce. It really elevated the bottled Ragu Traditional that I used to a whole new level. I made ours vegetarian, simply because I hadn't thawed out any ground beef and it turned out very well. I was a little hesitant to add in the celery, as I don't like it, but I pushed past that and stuck to your recipe, only I grated the celery so there wouldn't be any large pieces, and I'm glad I didn't leave it out. It was a distinct flavor, but enough to add a little extra flavor. I served this over spaghetti noodles with Texas toast on the side for a wonderful Father's Day dinner. My hubby was very happy with his meal. Thanks for a great recipe Sharon123! Made for PRMR! And again, sorry it took me so long to review it! :oops:

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ElizabethKnicely June 15, 2014
How to Get Kids to Eat their Veggies Spaghetti Sauce