How to Freeze Lemons or Limes

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5 mins

If you come across a great buy on lemons or limes and want to save some for later use, they can be frozen.

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  1. Quarter lemons and place in single layer on cookie sheet. Place in freezer until frozen. Place in ziplock bag and remove as needed. Lemons can be frozen whole but they will be mushy when defrosted although the juice will be fine.
  2. You can also freeze lemon slices the same way.
  3. The juice can be frozen in ice cube trays for use layer as well as the zest.
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Now just how neat is this, especially for those of us who use lemons quite a bit & sometimes have more than we can keep in good shape! I bought a bag just to see how well this works, & after 2 days, at least, they're just fine, so expect the rest to come through with flying colors as well! Thanks for a great recipe keeper! [Made & reviewed in 1-2-3 Hit Wonders tag]

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This works very well! Lemons were on sale 10 for $1 so I stocked up! I zested all of them, then froze them whole! Froze the zest too using this recipe! Thank you for sharing this!

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Wow, I just love this idea. I can't wait to get the ones I have cut up and in the freezer! I love having fresh lemons and limes on hand at all times and this is so great! Thanks for such a wonderful idea!Update: These slices were so great in summer drinks! Helped keep the drink colder longer. I also had some blood oranges so I sliced those and put them in the freezer for sangria and they were great...LOVE this recipe/idea. Thanks so much!