How-Do-I-Love-Thee Vegan Cheese

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

I can't quite think of the proper adjective for this cheeze recipe... it's wonderful mixed into calzones, dolloped on pizzas, baked on enchiladas. Did I mention it also makes terrific vegan cheese fries? Try it! (Thank you, John Robbins- from May All Be Fed.)

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  1. Simply combine all ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth.
  2. This works well if halved, but it'll also keep for at least 4-5 days refrigerated.
  3. I'll be updating with specific ways to use this super, versatile vegan cheese!
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I used this recipe to make a un-cheese pizza and it was very tasty! Though the lemon flavor was very strong, so next time I'll try adding less to none. Overall it was a good recipe, and I'll probably change my star rating once I try adding less lemon juice. GOOD JOB!

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Super easy, and it does not have to be heated to thicken so it can be made quickly as well. So many of the vegan cheese sauces/dips I make use cashews or some sort of nut as the "base", so it is nice to have one that uses the creamyness of tofu for a change. I only tried this with tortilla chips, as is. I am hoping to experiment with some mexican spices and maybe some tomatoes with my leftovers :>

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Another wonderful vegan cheese recipe! Easy to make and scrumptious. I used extra-firm silken tofu instead of water-packed, which I think gave it a nice creamy texture. I added extra nutritional yeast and doubled the garlic. I was out of dried basil, so I used an all-purpose seasoning with basil as a main ingredient and that worked out nicely. I used Bragg's Liquid Aminos instead of tamari, and next time I might reduce the amount slightly because it was just a tad salty (probably because I increased the nutritional yeast). After tasting, I added some crushed red pepper for a little spice. I enjoyed this as a dip with tortilla chips, and also as a topping for roasted potatoes and broccoli. Non-vegan husband and friend gave it the thumbs up too. When I find something this delicious and it's healthy too, life is good!