Houston's Mustard Honey Dressing

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

This is the "real" deal. I had a friend that used to work at Houston's many years ago. All I did was break it down to a smaller amount. It is absolutly wonderful.

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  1. Beat all together and chill for several hours for the flavor to develope. If too thick, more oil may be added to thin as desired.
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I'm so excited! This is just how I remember it. A perfect honey mustard dressing. I served mine combined with Hot Bacon Dressing from CCinSC for the true Houston's experience. What a treat! Thanks marci1.

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Very good! I have never had Houston's honey mustard so I don't know exactly what it was "supposed" to taste like -- but it tasted great to me! I halved the recipe and still had plenty of dipping sauce! Served with Crispy Baked Chicken strips and french fries.

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oh my gosh... thank you so much! this is perfect and now i can save money and eat my fries at home!