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This was really good! I wanted to use straight Tobasco for the hot sauce but didn't have enough so I debated between Franks 'Extra Hot' Hot Sauce and Sriracha. I really didn't want the dish to end up tasting like anything "Buffalo" but that's what I ended up using. I also reduced the onion soup to about 1/2 to 3/4 envelope and used chicken thighs. The thighs came out nice and sticky with a good glaze and crispy flavorful skin. The combination of ingredients helped to tame the Buffalo-ness and what were left with was very flavorful and spicy hot. Next time I may marinate for a few hours in the sauce just to get more flavor throughout the meat. Great main dish that is economical and fast! It's a keeper. Thanks for sharing!

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SloppyJoe June 14, 2011

This was very different. I thought it was okay but the man of the house really like it. I grilled the chicken then tossed in the sauce. I used 56g onion soup packet b/c that was the size I had. I increased the other ingred. accordingly. Very easy to make.

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jrusk June 16, 2009

This is a super easy, awesome recipe! I just served these for dinner and my husband pleaded with me to serve them again (he rags on me all the time for not serving the same dish twice). They were very hot! but tangy and sweet at the same time. I prepped 6 drumsticks by trimming off a lot of the skin and placing them in a glass baking dish sprayed w/ PAM. I spooned the sauce over 4 of the drumsticks and left 2 'plain' for my boys. I baked them about 35 minutes at 400, flipping the drumsticks halfway and spooning more sauce over them. The 2 'plain' drumsticks ended up with a fair amount of sauce on them but both boys enjoyed them. We LOVED the 'heat' but if you are not sure, cut the hot sauce in half.

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Ellee November 06, 2007

These were good but was hoping they would end up with a nice glaze on them which didn't happen. I suppose the sauce could have been served with rice but didn't think of that at the time.

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Catnip46 April 16, 2015
Hot & Sticky Chicken Drumsticks