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These are soooo much better than a hot pocket! I used unsalted butter instead of shortening. I filled them with sauteed onions, cut up left over rotisserie chicken from our deli then seasoned with low sodium taco seasoning and a slice of chedder cheese per pocket. These were served with sour cream and salsa on the side. Everyone loved these. I'll try sweet instead of savory next time. Thanks for a great recipe :)

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sweetp May 10, 2011

I substituted butter for the shortening, and baked them at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes with an egg wash instead of frying. I can't eat fried foods without feeling sick, so I adjusted it this way. My family loves it. Will definitely be using this dough recipe again.

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mischiefsilverblade_10519438 January 20, 2014

This is by far the BEST fried pie dough I've ever used! I haven't used it as a savory recipe yet, but I'm sure I will. I filled my pies with blueberry pie filling and fried them. I let them cool on a wire rack. After they were completely cooled, I made a quick glaze out of powdered suger, a little vanilla, and a little milk. I didn't make it thick, because I dipped the pies in it, and let them drain on the same wire rack. The glaze dried to a nice crust and was GREAT! Thanks again for this recipe!!

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SUSAN S. June 06, 2012

I filled these with sauce and cheese...they tasted just like pizza bites! I made small and big ones...cutting out squares and folding them into triangles like someone else suggested. Amazing and easy! Thanks so much!

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Nat D December 03, 2009

Perfect dough! I just tried half of a recipe- made buffalo chicken & barbeque chicken "hot pockets". Cut the scraps into squares and fried them up and sprinklede with cin/sugar. They puffed up so cute. I didn't add sugar this time, but can't wait to try with fruit filling.

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Lois O'Loughlin March 30, 2009

This recipe ROCKS! I subbed butter for the shortening and used another reviewers tip about cutting into squares and making triangles instead of rounds. Stuffed the "hot pockets" with leftover cooked chicken breast, leftover marinara, parmesan, and mozerella and my husband and son went crazy for them. So easy - a great after school snack. Will try stuffing them with ham and cheese; egg and cheese for breakfast; leftover sloppy joes... not to mention the sweets you can make with it. This recipe is sooooo versatile! LOVE IT!

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dolphinheron August 20, 2007

OMG!!! WOW I made these this morning; half recipe, and substituted butter for the crisco. They were amazing, and easy to make. I made eight from the half recipe. I use ham and cheese, apricot preserves and blackberry preserves. they put any commercially prepared hot pockets to shame. Crust was light, tender, and delicious. Thank You So Much for this recipe. My kids are still sleeping, but they are in for a treat when they wake up.

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jshawnh July 11, 2007

Thanks for a pastry that comes close to "like Mama used to make." It works well for all sorts of pies -- fruit, meat, combinations -- but for me those made with dried apricots are hard to beat. I cut down of some of the time-consuming tasks by making triangular pies instead of semi-circular ones. No where is it carved in stone that they have to be semi-circular! I roll all of the dough into one big rectangle, then cut the size squares you desire, add the filling to the center, wet the edges (water works fine,) fold one corner to the opposite corner, then seal with a fork. Knead the trimmings together and roll into a rectangle for additional pastries. This does save a little time without affecting the taste.

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Big Bill in Big D May 05, 2007

My kids LOVE pizza pops and until now I have been usuccessful at reproducing the pizza pop dough...but not anymore! This dough works perfectly and the kids loved it. This was a great treat to make ahead and pop into the freezer. I have even sent the mini pizza pops to school in the kids lunches. Thanks so much for posting this recipe! I will use it often and I plan to try it with a fruit filling sometime too. :)

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* Pamela * September 27, 2006

purrrrrrrrrrfic dough, and good, i made mine with cheese then bite end and fill again, butter or pizza sauce yuuuuuuumy gooood the gooy part when u bite into the cheeze
be ready lol a six star for me thank you

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robertholmes235 October 29, 2011
Hot Pocket and Fried Pie Dough