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This is great stuff! i used 4 Habaneros, with the seeds and membrane taken out. it's the perfect balance of heat and sweet. i didn't strain it cause i like the bits of pepper in it.

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Bramble2012 June 17, 2003

This jelly is why she's known as "Jellyqueen"!!! It is DEE-LISH! I confess, I'm not very good at making jelly or canning anything and JQ was kind enough to make two jars of this for DD's wedding reception. One jar was a green pepper jelly and the other, as she stated above, a gorgeous purple color. It was a huge hit served with cream cheese and crackers...the guests couldn't get enough of it. Fortunately, a relative got some for me before it was all gone! If you love jellies and peppers, you've gotta try this!!

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Dreamgoddess April 08, 2003

I have the jars boiling in the canner right now, but I already know this jelly is fantastic! There was enough left over for one more jar, but I was out, so I put it into a bowl and tasted it. Soooo good! I doubled the recipe for Christmas baskets. I used one red bell pepper and one orange bell pepper, about 3 1/2 cups of vinegar (I ran out), 12 cups of sugar, and 3 packets of Certo. I used about 8 jalepeno peppers and 6 serrano. Probably about 1/2 of those peppers, I took the seeds and membranes out. I also added about a tablespoon of margarine to reduce foaming. I didn't sieve it, or use food coloring, it is so pretty as is! Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe!

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Beth Brady. December 20, 2009

This is one that deserves more than 5 stars. Here's how I made it. I used about 5 habaneros, with the membranes and seeds making the rest of the 2/3 cup up with Thai chilis, yes it is hot. I also added 3 Tablespoons of chopped garlic. I did not strain because it was so pretty I left it alone. WONDERFUL HEAT, dumped some over a round of brie, WOW. I am going to try it with just one package of CERTO next time to see if I can get a "looser" jelly for my brie dish.

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riffraff July 28, 2003

After having success at making Rita L's Habenaro Jelly, I thought I'd give the Jelly Queen's recipe a try ;) I used 7 Jalapeno Peppers and removing the seeds in all but 2 of them. I added 1 green pepper and added about 4 drops of green food coloring to give it a great color. I actually ended up using apple cider vinegar as I was out of white vinegar and it tasted delicious! I only used 1 pkg of certo and I was very happy with the consistancy. Thanks so much for taking away the need to buy Hot Pepper Jelly ever again!!

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* Pamela * October 14, 2003

I just made two batches. Each time I had some mild and some hotter peppers but I did increase the amount of total hot peppers to 3/4 cup and subtracted the amount from the total bell peppers. I added a half clove of minced garlic to each and to one batch I added about a tablespoon of freshly grated ginger. Both batches turned out great. I really like the ginger flavor as a change of pace.

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Sensorydeb October 20, 2009

I can't believe I have never written a review of this wonderful recipe. I have used it over and over and get great results every time. I don't bother seeding the jalapeno peppers, just cut off the tops and throw then in the food processer. I also throw in cayane peppers (4-5). They give great color to the jelly. I don't strain it or use food coloring. It tastes great and is just hot enough. Everyone loves it. Thanks! I will never use any other recipe!!

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MarthaRN August 15, 2009

Made 2 batches today. First batch I chopped the peppers too fine, but it didn't effect the flavor. Second batch I left them a little chunkier. Certo comes in 3oz pkgs now, so I just used 2 of them as some people said it was too stiff with the whole 8 oz. Used a red bell pepper, 5 lg jalapenos (2 whole), 3 seranos (all whole) and got a nice, zingy jelly. Didn't strain or use food coloring, they are beautiful as they are. Each batch produced 6 half pints with enough left over for a small bowl of each to taste test. Thanks Jellyqueen for the recipe. I DID process in a water bath for 5 mins. to insure food safety.

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Tiny kitchen, big chef October 29, 2009

This was my 1st experience making jelly and it was so much fun! I used 7 jalapenos and 1 green pepper but amazingly it Isn't spicy at all, and those peppers were hot! It just has a yummy, sweet pepper flavor without the heat. I think the next time I make it I'll leave the seeds in and maybe add a habanero or two to give it a little kick. Thanks Jellyqueen!

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Anne in Chapel Hill December 03, 2003

Wow! This recipe was easy and delicious. It was my first attempt at pepper jelly too. I used 5 jalapenos and left the seeds and membrane of 2, and I didn't strain it. I found this was hot enough for a novice. I went with red food colouring so it turned out a nice rosy pink. This jelly even took first place at our local fair! Thanks.

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Helen1 August 11, 2003
Hot Pepper Jelly