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Bergy,We love this pepper jelly. I have made it three times now. two with the green bell peppers & one with red bell peppers. Very good with cream cheese on crackers. My husband also likes it on meat, Pork & Chicken.Thanks for the recipe.

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Barb Gertz September 09, 2002

This is a GREAT recipe I doubled the jalapeno (like you said you did) and used red bell peppers and added the green food coloring. it looked really pretty and festive for christmas!! its a keeper for sure!!

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cinderbear57 December 27, 2002

This was fabulous bergy!!! I made two batchs as my garden is chock full of jalepenos of all different varieties-anyhoo the first was the recipe to a t- the last was with a little wasabi powder to each jar-both tasted great going into processing so i'm sure in a month or so they will be just as good!! Thanks bery!!!!

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polly salama August 26, 2002

Terrific recipe! I had lots of peppers fresh from the garden so used mild banana peppers in place of the bell & an asst of jalapeno varieties and made a double batch. I like the chopped peppers left in the jelly & used more green food coloring for a bright color. I do wear plastic gloves when handling this many peppers. Thank you for sharing your recipe!

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Susie D July 20, 2010

This turned out really well. I did not double the Jalepeno, actually halved it. I also didn't use as much sugar, maybe 5 1/2 cups for each batch. I ended up making 7 batches. Love the texture and taste.

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Cartuin July 15, 2003

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Karolina Y. August 21, 2015

Jelled like a dream...and sooooo tasty. Like a few others here, I cut the sugar to 5.5 cups and it was certainly sweet enough! Next time I'll double the jalapenos for more heat, again following other reviewers' suggestions. But still, five big stars!

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La Dilettante October 26, 2013

Oh my gosh, I just finished making it and I want to eat it all right now! I used some beautiful red bell peppers and I used red chilies instead of the jalapenos because I had already used my jalapenos in a different pepper jelly recipe. I am so glad I did.<br/><br/> Three red chilies, seeded and lightly chopped came pretty close to the jalapeno quantity indicated, and allowed me to have a lovely naturally coloured jelly that sparkles like a jewel. I imagine that if I were to make a batch with green pepper and jalapenos, they would make a beautiful gift set.<br/> If it only looked nice it wouldn't be a good recipe, right? Well, don't worry. It tastes as nice as it looks. Sweet and full of summery red pepper goodness with a nice warm bite.<br/><br/>Note to all: the 6 oz of liquid pectin would be both pouches in the 170ml pack of a Bernardin liquid pectin box.

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Shelley P.S. October 15, 2013

I made two batches of this recipe today, one for myself and one for my daughter. This was after preparing another "Bernardin" recipe that didn't set, even though I followed all the directions. (I will not be using that recipe again). <br/>This is a GREAT recipe and is much easier and quicker to prepare than the other recipe I made. I tried it with some cream cheese and crackers and it is delicious. I used only 6 cups of sugar and liquid pectin and it set very nicely. I don't like things "too hot" and this was just right. If you want it a tad hotter, add a second jalapeno. I added the green food colouring and it looks so nice. This recipe is a keeper and I will be making one more batch for myself tomorrow. I will be saving some for the Christmas holidays.

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l.cheryl September 05, 2013

Excellent Bergy. I made as written and you know I should have checked to see if I had good crackers. I didnt but between hubby and I we ate 1/2 a sleeve of soup crackers and cream cheese. I am going to make it again tomorrow and up the heat a bit for the more daring. Thanks a bunch.

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KennKonn November 21, 2009
Hot Pepper Jelly