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My hair felt very silky, but it had a real greasy look to it and I washed it twice. I have very fine hair so perhaps if you have thick hair it will work better.

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sugaree March 09, 2004

I left out the essential oil and halved the recipe for my medium-length hair -- still had an awful lot! I have fine, oily hair that nevertheless has dry and frizzy ends. I shampooed twice to get the honey out, then had to seriously condition because the excessive shampooing made my hair feel like straw. So, my hair is soft and sorta shiny, but I feel like I owe that more to the conditioner. :/ I'd try this again without the honey, and use another oil like Jojoba or vitamin E.

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SAHS October 24, 2010

I came back from our summer beach holidays with my hair feeling like straw. This was the perfect antidote to soften and nourish my brittle, fine hair. The amount given was a lot and I only used half with quite a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil as I like the smell. I wrapped my hair in a towel and sat in the sun for 20 minutes. I only needed to shampoo twice to clean my hair. I happily recommend it to anyone who wants some pampering in the comfort of their own home!

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Perfectionist cook August 18, 2008

this recipe has been a life saver for me and i cant thank u much for this i didn use any essential oils but the result was great. Hair felt kinda stiff with the oil n honey mixture but it definitely has improved the texture of my hair smoothing the split ends n taming the frizziness which by all means is a mystery to me bcoz even the best of anti frizz serums cudn do it that well but sumhow i used the recipe as it is twice, i didn use a zip lock just warmed the oil in microwave for afew seconds and added the honey in hot oil until mixed well i then added abt 1/4 cup of yogurt to this n it did even better to the texture of my hair.it was easy to apply n all hair strands seemed to be soaked in the mix it even helped starighten my hair with just minimal blow drying MY hair feels lovely ,soft ,shiny and very well behaved ... :D Thank you so much !!!

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jas kaur April 02, 2008

This was a very nice treat...the original Vo5 is pricey! i have shoulder length hair and i cut the recipe in half and it worked great.i didnt use any scent as i had none. The honey scent was good anyway. I will definetly use again! Thanks

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SueB-SueB February 13, 2008

This is a really good recipe, The 4 stars is just because my hair is naturally shinny so it didn't do much. It is really soft and shiny though. I do have lots of hair but I cut the recipe in half anywase and still had some left over. Great stuff though, deffinatly try it!

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yogie120 February 12, 2008

I have used this before...but since I have short hair, I do cut the recipe in half. In the winter time, my scalp gets really dry, so this works really well for me. I would highly recommend this treatment

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Abby Girl December 02, 2007

This is an excellent homemade beauty recipe. I didn't add any essential oils- but I thought that the honey made this smell great anyway. I think that next time I will make a half recipe and apply it mostly to the ends of my hair and try and avoid near the scalp. The ends of my hair turned out great- soft, shiney and silky (and I have very dry hair that is a little damaged from not being cut in a while), but the scalp is still a bit oily-looking. It feels nice, but looks a little off. I found that this made more than enough and I have fairly thick mid-back length hair, which, again is very dry, so it sucks up any moisture like a sponge. Next time I will cover my head in a shower cap (or swim cap!) and wrap it in a hot towel, so the heat is more direct and I don't have to spend 20 minutes in the shower, using up the hot water before I even wash my hair. Anyhow, great recipe- will do it again next week, focusing more on the ends. Maybe I'll try the essential oils soon too. :)

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Roosie November 15, 2004

after using this recipe my hair felt so much softer,shinier and less frizzier. I did have to wash my hair twice but it was worth it. I will definitely keep using it. thanks

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Sara Delgado August 05, 2004

My hair is very soft! I only used about a tablespoon since my hair is fine, but added turbinado sugar to the rest of the oil mixture and used it on my skin. Works great!

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georgi June 24, 2004
Hot Oil Hair Treatment