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Yummy! I followed the recipe exactly and these were delicious. Tender and very very tasty.

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SuzieQue July 24, 2002

It doesn't get much easier than this. I just tossed the packet on the grill and forgot it for 40 minutes. When we put the meat on the grill I added cheese and bacon and moved the packet to the side. When the meat was done so were the potatoes. There were no leftovers. Next time I will make a much larger batch. They were very good. Easy and good. Still my favorite combination.

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Guava G. April 13, 2003

These were a great alternative to mashed or baked potatoes. To save a few calories, I sprayed the foil with Pam rather than coating with butter. Next time, I think I will eliminate all butter, and mix the potatoes, onions, cheese, salt, pepper & paprika in a bowl before cooking to spread the flavor throughout . . . sprinkling them on top kept the flavor to the top layer only. I made these with French Oriental Salmon Grill (French Oriental Salmon Grill) and sauteed zucchini & mushrooms. Yummy!

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agileangus January 22, 2003

As Canarygirl said there is no cleanup of a crusted baking dish. I followed the recipe to the letter and was rewarded with a great tasting meal. An easy recipe to assemble. The herbs and the bacon along with the cheese worked wonders with the tatties. It was just the right amount of flavourings. Well done Karen. Love your tattie recipes. hugs chrissy

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Chrissyo August 14, 2002

Karen these potatoes were fabulous! I had to make them without the bacon (I didn't have any), but they were still delicious. Very easy to assemble, and my favorite--NO cleanup! hehe Thanks for a great recipe! CG

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canarygirl August 12, 2002

Awesome. I used the canned crumbled bacon to make it easier. I didn't have oversized foil and next time I'll use that because we didn't keep turning it since we were afraid it would leak out. The result was the crispy ones (my favorite) were on the bottom only. These were a great way to make fried potatoes without the mess though.

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TwinMom1108 December 05, 2002

Family loved it. Easy to do because prep can be done ahead of time. I took advise and softened butter and mixed ingredients together before dotting potatoes . After they came off the grill I tossed in bacon and a little more butter because they looked a little dry! Will definitely make again

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hryckop June 01, 2016

This is delish! I made the mistake of throwing everything in at once, instead of waiting to add the dill, bacon (used bacon bits), etc., and they still turned out yummy! Thanks so much for sharing! :O)

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SPrins July 27, 2010

I never knew that potatoes would turn out as well as they did on the grill. I did not have all of the ingredients that it asked for so i just seasoned them well, added more butter, parmesan chesse. Thank you so much. I will make this again.

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lady25 July 27, 2010

This made ALOT of potatoes! We used a mandolin slicer and had enough pototoes to easily serve 6-8 people. I followed the recipe, but per some other reviewer's suggestions, I melted the butter and mixed the herbs in it and spread them over the potatoes to try to get more even coverage of the spices. We threw them on the grill when we lit it, and flipped them every 10 mins to keep them from burning. When I took them off the grill, I noticed that the seasoning had not distributed as I'd hoped, so I made another batch of the butter mix and dumped it on the potatoes as I put them in a serving bowl. Personally, I was disappointed- i excepted alot more flavor. My husband however, loved them. I will probably make these again, but will play with the seasonings and the amount of potatoes used to make sure i get more evenly seasoned potatoes.

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Kerry G April 22, 2010
Hot-Off-The-Grill-Potatoes (Foil Wrapped)