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We liked this. I did not make it as a snack, halved the recipe, used a large cutter and made it into large turnovers which we had with a salad as a main course. The pastry is very good but it is important to roll it out thin. The last one I rolled out I made thicker (to use the pastry up, being frugal) but it was not as good as the ones with the thinner shells. The pastry was easy to work with after its time in the fridge. The only minor thing I changed was adding a handfull of fresh chopped parsley to the mushroom filling after it was cooked. Thanks Kim for a good vegetarian meal!!

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Pets'R'us July 12, 2003

These tasty little appetizers were delicious Kim. I made exactly as written, didn't change a thing. They were quick and easy to make. I didn't have any problems with the dough, I found it easy to work with. I did have quite a bit of filling leftover. The filling is wonderful. We didn't find them overly rich at all. These beautiful little treats were incredible served warm with a drink before dinner. Thank you so much for sharing.

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Baby Kato July 31, 2010

My mom used to make these for parties and gave me this recipe when I got married. Now it's my favorite appetizer to make - people are always impressed that the entire thing is made from scratch!! I use a 4 inch circular cookie cutter with scalloped edges, which makes pretty shapes without a lot of work.

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lgcoffin December 31, 2009

Tasty! I used puff pastry sheets (two in a box in the freezer section at the local grocery store) instead of making my own shells, and they came out light and flaky. Having read Shelby Jo's comment, I used a 4" diameter glass bowl to cutout the circles from the pastry sheet, which gave me larger turnovers that I could stuff more into. I got 4 circles out of each pastry sheet. I also seeded a roma tomato and sliced it up to add to the turnover - didn't saute it with the mushroom mixture, but laid the tomato slices in top of the mushrooms on the dough circles.

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Wolfman January 01, 2009

This were tasty! I made them small, but still had them for our dinner, not as an appetizer. If I could go back i would have made them much larger so i could get more filling and less of the shell in each bite. My husband and I really enjoyed these. We have some in the freezer for a rainy day too! Thanks for posting! made for went to market tag.

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Shelby Jo July 20, 2008

I used light cream cheese so the dough was rich but maybe less than if we use full fat cream cheese. I didn't have problems to roll the dough and to fold them in turnovers. It takes time but it's worth it. I brush the edges with an egg yolk (that I had in the fridge). But I didn't brush the top cause I forgot and also finished the egg yolk). They were still beautiful. I made near 40 turnovers. Thanks Kim. Made for Market tag.

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Boomette July 14, 2008

One additional comment I forgot to add on my previous review: these are fantastic frozen! Simply place the unbaked turnovers on parchment lined cookie sheet and place in freezer until frozen. At that point, you can place in freezer bag for longer storage. When ready to bake, just bake for 15-20 minutes rather than the 12-14.

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cylee November 24, 2007

This was much too rich for my tastes. I didn't have any of the problems of the other reviewer with the pastry dough or folding over the turnovers, but I did use turnover pocket cutters designed for this use. I think the filling was fine, but I probably just need to swap the pastry for one that doesn't call of all the cream cheese. I started out with a 3 star, because I just couldn't eat these. But, I gave them to my mom & stepdad, and they LOVED them, so I'm changing my review to 4 stars. I don't think it's fair to rate it low because it just wasn't for me, but I simply can't give a recipe 5 stars if it isn't a keeper for me.

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Karen67 February 04, 2007

I was having a hard time deciding whether to give this 4 or 5 stars because I had a lot of trouble constructing the turnovers, but I think that was due to faulty equipment (my largest cookie cutter was simply not large enough), not due to a flaw in the recipe. I just don't know how you can pull off using a "small" cookie cutter on these, because even with my 3" diameter cookie cutter, they were hard to seal with any amount of filling inside. I think I may buy a dough press and try again with various sizes. Okay- so on a non-technical note...the filling was the tastiest, most DIVINE stuff. The pastry was excellent as well, albeit a bit difficult to work with due to the high fat content. I found that it helped a lot to flour my surface fairly well before rolling out the pastry so I could get it quite thin without tearing holes in the cut outs as I tried to lift them. As Pets'R'us said, the pastry should be quite thin, but to my experience there is a happy medium- it can be too thin as well. I did not find the egg wash entirely necessary, though it did give them a bit more gloss. When these came out perfectly, they were tender, flakey and absolutely delicious. As I described before, I did have some problems, but I felt that it was necessary to give this recipe 5 stars because it is so yummy. The onion-mushroom-thyme combination was absolutely AMAZING. I'll be trying this again- I'll let you know how it turns out.

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Roosie December 16, 2003
Hot Mushroom Turnovers