Total Time
Prep 0 mins
Cook 10 mins

Like hot chocolate, but want to spice it up a bit? Here's a hot chocolate with a difference! If in Europe, I'd recommend using After Eight or Fazer mints, one per glass - or any other dark chocolate with mint crème filling.


  1. Add the chocolate powder and mint chocolate into two mugs.
  2. Heat up the milk while stirring vigorously until it almost boils.
  3. Add the milk in the mugs and serve with a teaspoon and some whipped cream!
Most Helpful

Yummy indeed! Had After Eight mints, felt like having a cup of hot chocolate, and thought, oh hey, why not throw a mint in? I just knew someone had thought of the same thing and that there would be a recipe for it here on Zaar! :-D Made one big mug using 250 ml milk, one After Eight mint and 3-4 ts of Dumle hot chocolate powder (the mint dissolved completely - nothing to spoon out! :-). Ahh!!

stormylee January 14, 2008

I was freezing and this was a nice tasting warmer upper. Will make again. Thankds kolibri. Bullwinkle

bullwinkle December 27, 2007

This is tasty and comforting on a chilly day! It's amazing that something so simple could taste so good. I used Pearson mint patties and they worked out well. The chocolate melted and the mint filling was great when eaten with a spoon. I like things sweet, so I used vanilla rice milk in place of the milk. Personally, I would have preferred it even sweeter, but that may have been the type of mints I used. This was very yummy!

Kree December 14, 2005