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Made this for Sunday brunch. We enjoyed it being such a different dish. The brandy gave the liverwurst a nice kick and the apple provided a sweet tart flavor with a crunch. I did use calves liverwurst for its mild and fine flavor. Did not use the lettuce, they were probably for serving with the tomato, which again was a nice contrasting flavor.

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Pets'R'us January 27, 2003

HeatherFeather these were a wonderful treat!! The combination of flavours was outstanding. We used a large round sourdough loaf, toasted under the broiler, made it as one and cut it into 6 sections after taking it from the oven. Used 3 tomatoes and roasted them, as suggested with salt/pepper, olive oil and some of the Swiss cheese. A fantastic lunch!! and did it again the next day with the other half of the sourdough loaf!! It served 6 nicely. Thanks for sharing.

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Derf January 26, 2003
Hot Liverwurst Toast with Tomatoes