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I made this a couple of days ago for myself & my husband. We are suffering from a head cold and are so congested. Your recipe came to the rescue. This not only made us feel better but it tasted great. The only changes I made was I didn't have fresh nutmeg or ginger so I used a dash of ground nutmeg and 1/8 tsp. of ground ginger. Thanks so much for posting we will turn to this whenever we are under the weather, thanks kitchendame!

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children from A to Z November 24, 2008

I just finished drinking one of these and realized that I never reviewed it. I've made it countless times since I found the recipe last winter during the worst head cold of my life. This recipe is *perfect* - I might try substituting honey for the sugar someday, but the amount of lemon juice, the addition of lemon zest, and the ginger are all fabulous. I've tried making it with more alcohol and found it a bit strong - best not to mess with perfection. My boyfriend walked out in the snow today to get the rum to make this - it is a big favorite at our house.

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morgangeline January 26, 2011

WOW did we enjoy this! Both hubby and I have head colds so a toddy was in order. LOVE the fresh ginger in here and I may add even more next time. Per drink, I used 1 T of brown sugar and 1 T Splenda to cut down a bit on calories. I also used 2 oz of rum per drink (I thought mine was a tad bit strong, but hubby loved it as made). Thanks for a keeper!!! UPDATE: I have made this a number of times and it remains a favorite for us when we have sinus trouble. GREAT stuff.

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JanuaryBride March 30, 2010

I was looking for a good Toddy recipe and this fit the bill perfectly. Like the other reviewer I had to use ground, non-fresh spices, but it worked out great still. I also used whiskey as I really dislike rum. I read the recipe wrong and started with 2 tbsp of butter so ended up with quite a bit in the end. I made some for me and then with only 2 tsp of whiskey for my boys. They really enjoyed the taste of it. With the leftovers I've put in a dash of cayenne, really warms it up and is so good for a sore throat, thanks for a great recipe !

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Just_Ducky!! November 08, 2009

Hi Kitchendame, I had an emergency tonight my DH has a miserable cold; just started today and he wanted a hot rum toddy went to get made premade couldn't find it so Recipezaar to the rescue. When I read this recipe I said this is the one. DH had 2 in a row and his sinus pain seemed relived what a marvelous taste I did substitute the sugar for Nicola Valley Honey. otherwise what a hot toddy! I'm making myself one before I go to bed tonight. Thanks again for posting.

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oilpatchjo October 16, 2007
Hot Lemon Rum Toddy