Hot-Iron Grilled Cheese Sandwich

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Recipe by teresas

This is out of a cookbook called "Patio Daddy-O" 50' recipes with a 90's twist...making a grilled cheese sandwich with a hot iron and aluminum foil may seem odd at first. But after you taste them, you'll agree that the weight and even heat of the iron produce the toastiest, crispiest cheese sandwiches on the can use the healthy sprouted breads and fancy cheeses...but to really get the awesome flavor you need to use the old-fashioned American cheese ( the ones wrapped in plastic) nested between slices of white bread...Open the foil occasionally while grilling to make sure the sandwich doesn't overcook; when finished, the bread should be thin, almost flat, and beautifully bronzed, oozing cheese. Cooking time does not include heating the iron...

Top Review by rosie316

Seriously... it worked! LOL... Thanks, dear. Lunch was great! Enjoyed it with Recipe #514129. I used white farm-house cheddar & sourdough bread. Too funny. (Although I have to admit that it took me over an hour to locate my iron). What a fun time!!! I laughed all the way though the process!!! :D When I took hubby a sandwich and left-over soup for lunch today, and I told him that I "ironed" him a sandwich, he thought I had completely lost it! I can't wait until we go up to our cabin (with NO electricity) and put my 'wrought iron" iron on the camp fire and make these for the grand-kids! What fun!!!

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  1. Heat an electric iron to medium heat. (not on steam).
  2. Butter one side of each bread slice.
  3. With the buttered side on the outside, make a sandwich with the cheese, leaving a 1/4-inch border of bread.
  4. Wrap the sandwich completely in one layer of aluminum foil.
  5. Place on a counter or cutting board and weight with a hot iron.
  6. Leave the iron on each side until the sandwich is very flat and toasted, about 4 minute per side. (Lift the foil periodically to make sure the iron is not too hot.).
  7. Unwrap and serve.
  8. Variation:.
  9. Replace the American cheese with thinly slice Fontina cheese. Add a layer of prosciutto ham. Proceed as directed.

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