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I am evil and used the bacon fat instead of the oil. I guess I will die sooner, but happier. Thanks!

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Debbie1951 July 17, 2007

I made this recipe exactly as written with no deviations. I am appointing 3 stars for ease of preparation, great directions and the ability to make this in the AM and reheat it at serving time. I made this for a BBQ yesterday and had a large portion of it left over. I had 10 guests and no one really cared for this recipe at all. It had a very strong vinegar taste and was oily, which is a dead recipe to me. I always try to make a recipe exactly as written the first time and if I want to make it again, I may tweak it where needed. But, unfortunately, I do not think I will be making this again. It very well may be because of the the part of the country we live, we are not accustomed to such a dish and flavor combinations.

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Brandess May 26, 2008

This was great, although I made a few changes. I scaled it to serve 20 (!). I swapped the quantities of oil and vinegar, and I also put about a tablespoon of mustard in with the bacon and onion, it gave it a wonderful flavour. My husband has requested the leftovers as lunchpacks with nothing else! Thanks I'll make it again.

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Chickee September 21, 2007

I cannot begin to tell you how gorgeous this salad was! I made it over the weekend for my darling in laws and within 5 minutes, the whole pot had gone (5 1/2lbs of potatos between 6 people!) The smell was out of this world. This is a real winner and one I am definitely going to be making again! I would advise all who try this recipe to make plenty of it as it will undoubtedly be the most popular dish at all parties. Thanks for sharing this fantastic recipe.

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Symons4ever July 31, 2006

This is a favorite of mine. This reminded me of the way my grandmother use to make. Even my DH tried it and like it. He normaly does not eat this....

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BLUE ROSE June 01, 2006

Scrumptious! And a recipe I’ll be making again, often. I read all the previous reviewers’ comments before making it, and decided to follow Pot Scrubber’s suggestion of adding the egg, because from my childhood memories of my German grandmother’s cooking I can well imagine that she would have done something like that! The instructions were really clear, and I just love the fact that this dish is meant to be made ahead and reheated. It means you can double the quantity, which I’ll certainly be doing next time, and enjoy it reheated on several occasions: NOT as leftovers (an unfortunate term, anyway!) but because that’s how it’s meant to be prepared and eaten. Bonny Mom, I was not too fussed as to whether this dish was “vinegary enough to be authentic”; who’s to say what’s “authentic” anyway? There are always so many regional and personal variations. It’s fabulously flavoursome just as it is! Everyone I served it to just loved it, and asked me to make it again. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful recipe.

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bluemoon downunder October 22, 2005

I made this for the first time this week in memory of my late husband whose birthday was this week. It was one of his favorite dishes and his specialty in the kitchen. It brought back fond memories. I didn't drain any of the bacon fat and I added a small whipped egg to the oil and vinegar mixture because I remember that he always did as a thickening agent. Surprisingly, the egg doesn't scramble when added to the grease this way.

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Pot Scrubber October 19, 2005

I really liked this!!! I unfortunately did not read to make and let sit out all day until the very end..... so i did not let it marinate.... it was still TOTALLY wonderful and I can't wait to make it again and let it sit for the flavors to blend.... I cannot believe it is possible for this to taste better!!!!

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NcMysteryShopper October 16, 2005

Made this for our supper last night and it was delicious. I halved the recipe quite successfully, using new potatoes, which I didnt' peel. I also used half shallot and onion for an additional flavour. All in all a very good recipe, great instructions, easy to put together and very tasty! Thanks!

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MarieRynr October 15, 2005

This is very good! I made a half recipe which worked fine. I used the bacon grease for part of the oil, and used dried parsley cooked in the dressing. This is one we'll use again and again. Thank you!

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Kaarin October 15, 2005
Hot German Potato Salad