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No Rating...yet. For all you dummies (like me) out there, Step 3 is a little ambiguous, but it's VERY IMPORTANT to pour the egg mixture INTO the bacon grease, as instructed. The egg is what thickens it up, so if it doesn't cook, you get a watery potato salad. Add a little heat if you need it I'm going to try this one again to see if I can get it right. It was good anyway, watery or not, although quite a bit sweeter then I expected! A pinch of cayenne was not enough for my taste...I cound't actually taste it at all. I'm going to push it up to 1/8 tsp next time (with halfs on everything to get 6 servings instead of 12), and maybe add some paprika just for kicks. Ate this with some grilled ribeye steaks and a cold hoppy English-style ale...Yummm! I'll post a followup to let you know how it went.

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Chris White November 12, 2001

This recipe is almost identical to my mothers recipe. She was born and raised in Regensburg Germany. This can also be served at room temperature and cold. It doesn't have to be HOT.

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DrewFell Fellenz February 19, 2002

Lali, I wish your Great-Great-Grand Mother were here today so I could personally thank her for creating such a wonderful recipe! Instead I would like to thank you for your decision to share it with the world. This recipe is truly scrumptious and should be tried by everyone who reads this review. The blend of flavors in this potato salad is awsome. Very easy to prepare considering the wonderful dish you will obtain with the results. Thank you, Lali for sharing this with all of here on Recipezaar!

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Bev June 20, 2002

I've been using this recipe for years with only minor modifications. Cook the bacon over low to med-low heat to render as much grease as possible. While bacon is cooking, clean and prepare potatoes for boiling. I cut the potatoes in halves or thirds to make them approximately the same size for even cooking. In salted water, bring potatoes to a rapid boil for 5 to 10 minutes, cover and turn off heat. Let sit, covered to finish cooking for 20 - 30 minutes. I find cooking the potatoes this way, I avoid over cooking and lessen the mush effect of an over cooked exterior. Once bacon is VERY browned and crisp, add 1 large onion - diced and 2 Cups coarsely chopped celery. Saute until onions are just starting to become transparent. Remove from heat. Mix remaining ingredients (I use about 3/4 C sugar and about 1 1/2 C vinegar [cider vinegar offers a nice flavor as well]). Once well beaten, add to bacon pan, mixing well, return to heat, constantly stirring till thickened. Combine with sliced potatoes. Flavor improves over time, so making ahead of time is worth while. Our family likes it served warm or room temp.

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Baer July 30, 2009

This had plenty of flavour and was quick and easy. I cooked the onion and bacon together as I'm not that fond of raw onion. The thing I really appreciated was the fact that it was relatively low fat, but so tasty. I can imagine we will be making this many times.

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JustJanS March 24, 2002

Thanks for sharing Lali. This turned out as good as I've EVER had.

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Tisso February 10, 2002

I think this recipe is going to be good. I am an American and never have eaten German food. I hanv to do a project on Germany so I decided to make this dish. It sounds great.

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Tie November 29, 2001

This recipe is one of my favorite foods, ever!! The combination of tangy, sweet & savory is fantastic! I made this up for a birthday dinner for my dad and was asked to make it again. After reading the reviews, I made a few small changes. I added the onion in to cook with the bacon (once the bacon was partially cooked) at the beginning instead of adding raw at the end of the recipe. I also cut the sugar back to 1/2 cup, and used 1/2 cup white vinegar and 1/2 cup cider vinegar, and used red potatoes. For those who were worried about using raw egg - If you whisk all of the ingredients in step 2 very well and add to the hot bacon, let it simmer for a few minutes, stirring well. It turned out great! Thank you for sharing this amazing family recipe!! The best german potato salad I've ever had!!

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TnuSami October 10, 2010

wonderful i haved tried german potato salad once in my teens and i hated it because it was to much vinager but this was great my 1 yr old loved it to

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southern chef in louisiana March 26, 2002

This was different and very tasty.I will being making this again.

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nat February 25, 2002
Hot German Potato Salad