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I was in charge of a dessert bar at our local Kiwanis club. I doubled the recipe to serve 50 people and the crock pot was scraped clean! "Oh MY GOD" was the most popular comment. Super taste and consistancy. Easy to make if you are patient and do the stirring. Definately a keeper! I did change one thing, I used milk chocolate instead of semi-sweet chips as that is my preference.

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patty hackett October 11, 2006

This is extremely easy to make, but I'd suggest cutting the receipe in half (at least) as I filled a 32 ounce jar with the results of the standard ingredients. This yields a dark chocolate tasting fudge (rather than milk chocolate)and it's very sweet. Playing with the type of chocolate used will vary the taste I'm sure. Perhaps replacing the semi-sweet with milk chocolate would yield a taste closer to Smuckers rather than Saunders. This is a great hot fudge ice cream topping.

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Mark Kovach July 15, 2004

My mom would make this topping for cream puffs with vanilla ice cream. It was a special treat that I still like to make for special occasions. dselleck2000

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David Selleck December 30, 2007
Hot Fudge Topping