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First, I have to admit I am a succer for Hummus -- I have probably made every hummus recipe I have seen, including many of those on Recipezaaar. So, I have to agree with Vegan4TheWin that this is an outstanding recipe, in fact, the best that I have a recipe for. I do like harissa, but my kids don't, so I made two batches of this -- one without and one with homemade harissa using the recipe of Copeland Marks, from a long out-of-print book of his on the cuisine of the Magreb. The recipe and process is simplicity itself. All the work is done by the food processor. Just be careful with adding the water. You can always add a little more, but if you go too far, you can't remove it, so I tend to add about 80% of the water, and then go slowly to get the consistency you want. The reason the consistency varies is that the moisture in the chickpeas can vary (I rehydrate dried chickpeas, rather than use the canned variety, which tends to be watery) with season and how rehydrated they are ... So, now to the key criteria: consistency, flavor. Both excellent in this recipe. Once you've made it, you can adjust to your own sense of tang (lemon juice) and smooth mouth feel (tahini). I followed the recipe exactly and other than perhaps a bit more harissa, wouldn't change anything .... Nutritionally, the chickpeas provide the fiber and the tahini contributes much of the fat. Vegan4TheWin, thanks so much for sharing a great recipe. Made for PAC Fall 2008. Photos pending.

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Gandalf The White October 23, 2008
Hot for Hummus