Hot Dogs in Slow Cooker

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Total Time
2hrs 5mins
5 mins
2 hrs

No grill? No problem ! Try making hot dogs in the crockpot.

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  • 4 -6 hot dogs
  • hot dog bun


  1. Prepare hot dogs in slow cooker using NO water. Just drop the dogs (or knockwurst, or polish sausage) and cook them in their own juices on high for 1-2 hours. In about hour the dogs will begin to "brown" wherever thy touch the sides of the pot. A few minutes before serving, warm up some hot dog buns in the pot. This is a winning combination!
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Great method to cook hot dogs. My son races go karts and every weekend we are at the track. I forgot to make something so threw a pack of hot dogs in the crock. Was a bit leary about not adding water but followed the recipe as written. I cooked them for an hour and half and they were perfect. Thanks for a new method to cook hot dogs.