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I did the recipe for 4 hot-dogs. I used Meat-Lover's Slow Cooker Spaghetti Sauce instead of chili. Another time I'd like more spaghetti sauce in it and more cheese. Next time we'll grease the aluminium foil cause the cheese stuck to it. We cooked them on the bbq at low heat for 15 minutes. 2 were burned. So we won't do them on the bbq but I'll try in the oven. Thanks 2Bleu :) Made for PRMR tag game

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Boomette May 03, 2010

2Bleu, you've done it again! Another great recipe. I made these with my husband in mind, but I really enjoyed them too. So easy to prepare as well. I cut the hot dogs in half the long way, then sliced off small peices. I used a full 15 oz. can of SPICY chili with beans, just because I didn't want to have any chili leftover. I'm glad I used the whole can...that's how I'll do it in the future as well. (Also stretches it to go a bit farther). Thanks for sharing this husband friendly, easy, tasty meal.

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Shelby Jo August 11, 2009

I enjoyed this using veggie hot dogs! I halved the recipe and served in buns. Thanks! Made for PRMR game.

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Sharon123 January 11, 2009

This was so-so. Edible and semi-cheap. The only modification that my husband did was to add 16oz of chili instead of 8oz. There was just something strange in the taste. All I could taste personally was the pickle relish.

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Diana in KS January 10, 2009

Yummy! We ate 2 servings in one sitting and as your recipe said, didn't fully open the buns and pushed inside the corners the mix. I also used Grandmother Merrill's Chili Sauce adding also some ready made one we had. Thanks!

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Pneuma August 16, 2008

Great recipe. I grilled Turkey with Cheddar Cheese sausages first and then chopped them into the mix. Also used hoagie rolls which I sprayed with Pam and broiled until slightly crisp. They really retained their shape and didn't get at all soggy even when heated in the microwave two days later. Used Hormel chili without beans. Great idea for camping. Just freeze the mix and stick it in a cooler.

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SUSANNASUS June 01, 2008

As chili dog recipes go, I thought this was unique in the prep/cooking method. I liked the idea of hollowing out the hot dog buns, though mine got squished so there wasn't much to work with, lol! I appreciated the other reviewer's tip about just pushing the hollow into the bun instead of removing actual bun material, which would affect the integrity of the bun. This was messy since I couldn't make good hollows. The time/temp were perfect and liked baking these in the aluminum foil. I accidentally added too much onion, and that was bf's only complaint. I used a package of 10 Jenny 'O Turkey Franks, a 15oz can of Wal-Mart brand chili (which had all ingreds that were friendly to my IBS diet except the beef, but I haven't found a canned turkey chili I like yet). Obviously if you use an icky canned chili, it could ruin the entire recipe. The recipe calls for a small onion, so make sure you stick to that. I ended up with just over a cup from 3/4 of what I thought was a small onion, and a handful of leftover onion and for two onion lovers, we both thought it was too much. I added shredded cheddar to my bf's hot dogs separately and made mine without (for dietary reasons). I also did not assemble all 12 (btw I only had an 8 ct package of buns), but just made 4 for bf and me. The rest of the filling will prob freeze well. This was VERY quick and fit the bill for a night when I just had no energy to cook. Followed the rest of the recipe as directed. Very good! Made for PRMR. Thanks for sharing 2bleu! :) Btw, I liked the ratio of 10 hot dogs to 15oz of chili; as the recipe states it would seem the hot dogs would overwhelm the chili too much for my preferences. ETA: Made these again tonight, bf decided to speak his mind, "Why'd you cut the hot dogs up? They're a pain in the butt to eat that way." Lol! I told him I had to for the recipe game, because it would ruin the integrity of the recipe. He was actually sincerely annoyed by this, but understood why I kept to the recipe. I'm not going to change the star rating b/c of this, although it's good to keep in mind for picky eaters and traditionalists b/c it's one of the main features that makes this recipe different than other chili dogs, this might affect the ratings for some people.

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blancpage May 08, 2008

What a great idea! I BBQed the hotdogs first to give them a smoky flavour then chopped them. This made much more than 12, but we didn't mind in the least! I'm packing the leftovers in the freezer for a quick lunch.

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Sam #3 April 25, 2008

Who doesn't like a chili cheese dog. These were especially easy and best of all (at least to us) not very messy. The only changes I made was to use onion powder instead of onions, use two cans of chili.. with and without beans (only DF likes beans) and also after taking some small pinches from two of the buns I realized It was starting to break up the roll, no matter how little I took so for the rest I just used the tips of my fingers and pressed a crevasse into each side - this seemed to work perfectly. Id like to try this with homemade chili also. Thanks for a great recipe 2Bleu

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Michelle_My_Belle April 20, 2008
Hot Dog Tag-Alongs