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I made my own bread dough for this, as I have never found Pilsbury stuff here in Australia ( so unfair!!)....using a soft Italian breadstick recipe.<br/>These came out so well...and the children thought that they were fabulous. DH and I thought that they were pretty tasty too, and it really was a novel change from the regular hotdog/bun scenario.<br/>A keeper fro sure....thanks lazyme!<br/>Made for PRMR.

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Noo November 03, 2013

I knew there was a recipe for something like this! I was planning on making my homemade bagel dog recipe for my preschooler's first big costume party that she and her BFF were hosting, but with all the food I was making, I just ran out of time to rise, boil and bake dough. I grabbed a few cans of refrigerated breadsticks at the store and basically did what your recipe says to do with them...., so you win the review! :D I used cocktail weenies instead of full-sized hot dogs, and cut each breadstick in half lengthwise only. I never even thought to make faces on them, so next time I will definitely do that! I'm glad you posted this recipe, lazyme, so I can add it to my cookbook and make it again sometime. Even for someone that doesn't usually eat dough from a can, I enjoyed these, and they were super easy to make. :D

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**Tinkerbell** October 23, 2011
Hot Dog Mummies