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OMG! I just made this and it was as Rita said...SINFULLY RICH AND CREAMY. I wanted it to be more of a full meal so when I sauteed the onions and peppers (which I used red, green and yellow), I added cut Asparagus spears and sliced mushrooms. Then in addition to the Crab, I added about a pound of small cooked Shrimp. Afraid it would be dry, I added a touch more Sour Cream and Mayo and a splash of Milk. I will share this with two sets of neighbors and I will be the hit of the "hood". AWESOME!

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I'll Give It A Whirl! April 24, 2014

SINFULLY RICH AND CREAMY!!!!!! Oh man I feel guilty and I used low fat cream cheese, sour cream and mayo! Seasoned perfectly. I did add fresh garlic when sauteing the onions and peppers. Then right to the pan I mixed the remaining ingredients (1 less bowl to clean). Thank you Thank you for a yummy snack. Oh this makes a large amount and I know my DH and I can`t eat it all. At least we shouldn't! ;) I`m going to add the leftover to pasta to make a crab alfredo dish.

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Rita~ July 31, 2006
Hot Crab Casserole