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This hot corn dip was absolutely delicious!! I like it even more than Trisha Yearwood's Hot Corn Dip. Made the dip for hubby to enjoy while watching the Packers play on tv today. Instead of using canned corn, I cooked up a 16-ounce bag of Birds Eye Freshlike Frozen Corn, as it's "the best" tasting frozen corn ever, and I microwaved it for exactly 6 minutes (at 3 min intervals) in my 900 watt microwave oven. I also used Ro*Tel's "Original" flavored Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies. I also like the addition of chili powder and garlic powder. This dip was not overly 'hot' tasting (spice wise), and I loved that about the dip, but be careful when removing your baking dish from the oven, as it was steaming hot. I poured the dip into 2 serving shallow bowls, to cool down the dip a bit. While hubby had one bowl and I had the other, I'm not sure we could say this made 6-8 servings. I would say this would possibly make 4 servings. One more thing, the next time I make this dip, I'm considering on only adding 12-ounces of corn, to make the dip a bit more on the creamy side. Hubby says to leave just as is, but I want to play around with the recipe a bit. Kim, I'll let you know if we liked the dip w/less corn and more on the creamy side. This is a fantastic dip, and one I'll be making often. Thank you Kim for posting this recipe, it's definitely a keeper!!!

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Domestic Goddess December 16, 2012

I've made this recipe a few times already & it's always been a big hit. I serve it with Tostitos Whole Grain Scoops & Fritos Scoops. I normally alter a recipe the first time I make it but the only thing I did with this was add some onion salt. I also tried Rotel Tomaties with Green Chilies, Lime, & Cilantro (found over at Big Lots), it was a great addition.

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Anne V. April 09, 2012

This is a tasty dip as written, but next time I make it I will change a few things. I will add only 1 or 1 and a half cans of corn. I will add an extra 3 ounce package of cream cheese, and 3T of milk to make the mixture just a little more creamy. I served this with Fritos Scoops and it was a hit. Thanks for a good recipe!

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nott December 21, 2008
Hot Corn Dip