Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

This'll relax you on a cold winter's night!!! Gooood!!!!


  1. In large mixer bowl, mix butter, sugars, cinnamon and nutmeg until crumbly.
  2. To mix drinks----------.
  3. Put two heaping Tablespoons in 8oz cup.
  4. Add a jigger of rum and 2 Tbs coffee creamer.
  5. Fill cup with hot water.
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This is lovely, Inez! What a beautiful warm & delicious drink to sit by the fire with and snuggle with that certain someone. I plan to keep my container of mix in the refridgerator to use frequently. I don't care if the wind is blowing or the air is cold, I've got Inez's Hot Buttered Rum to keep me warm! ;) Thanks, Nez!!

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I really enjoyed this delicious recipe. The coffee was amazing, flavored with buttered rum and spices. It was very quick and easy to make. A recipe that I am happy to say I will be enjoying often. I garnished with whipped cream to take this decadent treat over the top. Made for What's on the Menu? Tag Game 2014.

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Thanks for sharing. Good stuff.