Hot Bacon Dressing

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Total Time
20 mins
15 mins
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  1. In heavy skillet over medium heat fry bacon pieces til crispy, stirring around to brown equally.
  2. Add onion, brown sugar, mustard, basil Remove some of the grease if you like.
  3. Stir cornstarch into vinegar add to hot water; add hot water vinegar to bacon mixture, stirring til hot and thickened.
  4. Serve over fresh spinach.
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I love bacon dressing on a spinach salad. This is a great recipe. I loved the fresh basil, which added another dimension to the dressing. I really liked it in the dressing, and I will be using this recipe again. It was easy to make and tasted so good. Thanks so much for posting this recipe.

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Great recipe! The perfect combination. Loved the basil also. Loved the mustard too. Easy to prep -- great to eat. The whole family loved it -- even my 13 year old son who hates salad cleaned up his bowl :)