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I made these for a superbowl party and was dissapointed.I thought the flavor was very nice but not at all hot. I ended up adding about a tablespoon of ground red pepper and that warmed them up a little bit. No where near as hot as I expected. If I do make these again, it would be for my grandkids.

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lovestocook #6 February 02, 2009

I took advise from others and added the cayenne pepper 1/2 tea. I also just cooked in the oven on a baking sheet not broiler pan cause I do not have. I ran out of hot sauce so I used 1/3 cup hotsauce n a few dashes of sarachi chilli sauce also had an extra teaspoon of brown sugar. Also i did not have mustard powder so used dijon mustard instead.They were sooo good my bf said they were better than bdubs n hooters. Score for this chick since he is a very picky eater. My advise to others would be too add half the hot sauce and add to your liking by taste testing which is what I did to get the right heatness. Btw this recipe is so simple n easy.

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lizboyer92 June 17, 2015

giving this one a 4 as of now because and only because I am cooking these now folks!! found many recipes but this one just stood out and...seem to be inexpensive..and hey who is not lookin for a bargain these days?! I will post again later-although I did read your reviews and we like sweet but HOTT! so thanks to you who said to add a lil more kick if you like hot..I will let you know..stay tuned..

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southernstyle076 November 15, 2013

I used this recipe for chicken legs because I wanted to do a hot wing style. I hate how expensive wings are. A pack of 10 legs are always less than $4 and makes for more of a meal than wings. After reading some of the reviews I decided to change a few things. First I laid the legs (skin on) on a foil lined sheet pan, salt and peppered, and stuck them under the broiler for 15mins. For the sauce, in a bowl I did all the same ingredients (used texas petes hot wing sauce, Im sure any will do though) but added 1 teaspoon of garlic powder and about 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne for some extra flavor and heat. Placed the wings in the slow cooker and poured the sauce over the top, stirring to coat. Cooked on low for 3 hours and removed from the crock pot. Served mine with jalapeño hushpuppies and green beans. Fed my family of four for less than $7! EXCELLENT! I thnk

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kncompton05 August 04, 2013

We loved the combination of flavors. They were sweet and tangy. They were a hit! Thanks for posting.

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gwynn January 31, 2013

My daughter requested BDubs for her grad party. I considered the cost and decided it was time we learned to make our own wings and even though we surely haven't saved any money on the deal we have a new fryer and can make the best damn wings ever! I doubt we will ever step foot in BDubs again! I was looking for a honey BBQ recipe because those are her favorite and this sauce fit the bill. I will say this...I was bound and determined to taste test and test again until we got it perfect and I used this same recipe with three different BBQ sauces. I didn't find Bullseye in my neck of the woods but we finally settled on KC Masterpiece Original since we could also buy it in a large quantity at Sam's if we decided we liked it. I also cut the Frank's in half as it was just too spicy for me-sorry, I'm from MN and we just can't handle the heat up here!!! We used cheap WalMart brand honey. WOWZERS!!! THIS STUFF WILL MAKE YOU SLAP YO' MAMA CUZ SHE HASN'T MADE THIS YOUR WHOLE LIFE!!! Good thing mine wasn't around :) We brought our top contenders to some family friends to share and the wings covered in this delish sauce were the 2nd to disappear-beat out only by the teriyaki wings which really surprised me!!! LOVED BY ALL WITH RAVE REVIEWS! Thank you so much!!!

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georgeweezie_8318418 June 06, 2012

Very good recipe! I added 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper to mine, and the flavor was a comfortable mlid-medium. I made these for a superbowl party, and the crockpot came home empty. Hubby said I could make these again any time!

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Beth A. February 06, 2012

I love this recipe - I've used it for a long time, but cant believe I never reviewed it - a tad tangy/spicy - but not overpowering. Great recipe!

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CookbookCarrie February 05, 2012

I had never cooked chicken wings before and I used this recipe for my Chicken Wing Cook-Off at work. I got first place! Excellent blend of sweet and spicy. Was a huge hit. Love love love it!

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annatschida January 25, 2012

Awesome! Used a different brand of BBQ sauce and whatever hot sauces I had around the house, otherwise the same. Sent recipe home with everyone. Easy and great to be able to do ahead of time in the crock-pot! Our hot sauces made them just tingly enough...

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bes1111 August 28, 2010
Hot and Tangy Wings Crock Pot Recipe