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The flavor of this dish is excellent however the instructions may need some changes. In step 5 it says to add Potatoe wedges and also in step 7 it says to add potato wedges I assumed that step 5 was tomato wedges. I found the recipe to be lovely & Spicy but not hot perhaps because the 6 chillies were only added for the last 5-10 minutes. Next time I will use 3 chillies and add them in step 6. Also stir frying lamb chops is awkward - doing this recipe again I will cut the meat off the bone or use another cut of lamb and have it cubed. I mean this to be constructive critcism not intended to discredit the recipe. Perhaps it is only me that sees it this way. One other suggestion it makes it easier to follow the steps if the ingredients are listed in the order that they are going into the recipe. I repeat the recipe is very good and I will make it again and say thanks for your creative entry to Ready Set Cook

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Bergy July 10, 2003
Hot And Spicy Lamb Curry