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the flavor of this soup is perfect and better than alot of take-out ive had. the only change i made was to omit the tofu and add a few handfuls of coleslaw mix for crunch. very quick and easy and a keeper.

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chia February 11, 2007

I was looking for an authentic Chinese hot and sour soup recipe and this one looked like it was the real deal. And it was FANTASTIC! Now I have to admit I did not have lilly buds and in fact have never cooked with them so I'm not sure how that affects the taste. Also, the first time I served it I forgot to use a bit of sesame seed oil. Now that makes a BIG difference! Also, I used cooked pork from a loin the first time and when I wanted it again and didn't have any I used julienned roasted chicken and another time with ham. Obviously a different version but given the strong flavors of the broth base not as noticeable as one might think. I also prefer it with homemade chicken broth which tends to be a bit richer as I make it like Ina Garten with carrots, celery and onions and it has a higher fat content. I tend to put a bit more of the ginger as I like the flavor and also like diced scallions as a garnish as an alternative. Any way it's great and worth the effort and I encourage all to give it a try if you like a spicy, hot and sour soup and take out is not an option.

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daleinpa January 16, 2013

For a tasty clear soup with protein added and not alot of calories this recipe is a good one

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Alyse C. December 01, 2015

Hubby rated this AMAZING - a big thumbs up for someone who loves Chinese food!! Left out tofu, shoots because I didn't have them and ginger because hubby doesn't care for it. Used homemade chicken broth, half the cayenne and stevia to taste rather than sugar (about six drops.) Thank you so much for a keeper!!

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cook from scratch December 15, 2013

I first made this soup for a birthday party and initially thought it was too vinegary. I thought that was because I didn't have white vinegar on hand and used a mix of apple cider vinegar and rice wine vinegar (I also omitted the pork to make it vegetarian). Even still by bite three I was hooked. I then made it again a week later but made sure to have the correct vinegar on hand (also used pork) and still found it delicious, but a bit too vinegary for my personal preference. It tasted amazingly good the following day though. Tonight I made it for the third time (just three weeks after having made it the first time) and omitted two tablespoons of vinegar (or one ounce) and it was the best yet. So my advice would be when making this for the first time to add a tablespoon of vinegar at a time and taste each time so that the flavor is what you want. If you like your hot and sour soup more on the vinegary side you'll probably end up sticking true to the original recipe (and it will still taste amazing) but my preference was for less. I've also never used the lily bulbs and omitted the pepper each time I've made it and couldn't tell the difference. The second and third time I also replaced corn starch for tapioca starch (I have a corn intolerance) and the consistency was fine. However you make it, it's a fantastic soup, a pain in the butt to prep, but delicious and well worth the effort.

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addicted2kdrama January 15, 2013

Unbelievably great! My father-in-law is first-generation Chinese, my mother-in-law is first generation Japanese. I've been eating well with them for almost 30 years. I also live in San Francisco, with some of the best Chinese food in the world and take full advantage of it. I would put this soup in a very elite group of "Best of the Best of a Lifetime" recipes. Admittedly, hot and sour soup is one of my favorite things to begin with, so my taste buds go that way. And I LOVE big, bold flavor in food, I freely use hot sauces, vinegars and spices. So this is my kind of thing. I noticed that the people who rate this low seem to be overpowered by the POW of it. So those who prefer subtlety in food, shying away from hot sauces and such probably aren't the best match for this recipe. But I sure am! And so were my dinner party guests last night. We were all blown away! Thank you Gandalf!

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gorgeousoregon November 17, 2012

Excellent. I don't give out "excellent" without deserving it, in fact, it's rare that something meets my standards on a website. This is authentic - I've been to China on extended trips twice and this is precisely what they'd serve to me. It's perfectly balanced and with the right amount of heat. This is the standard to which all hot and sour soups should go off of. Well done.

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Sweet Tortellini November 14, 2012

I didn't have all the ingredients, but with just the ones I did have, it was good. My husband loves it. Thanks for the recipe.

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Toni in Colorado October 13, 2011

Wonderful, Wonderful Wonderful...I made this to go with our Asian themed dinner and company. We totally loved this. I followed the instructions only cut the cayenne down for the company and it was just right. Made for Fall PAC 2011.

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mama smurf October 11, 2011

used pork that i had cooked with the marmalade recipe bought everything it called for.i was unsure as i had never cooked with any of these ingredients before BUT it turned out fantastic they ate and ate.i froze some since i had doubled the recipe so i will let you know how that turns out thanks sooo much

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dink's sandy October 01, 2011
Hot and Sour Soup (Betty Foo; Hunan Restaurant)