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WONDERFUL SOUP! This recipe is the best I've had. Marinating it over night really adds to the depth of flavor, great tip! The 2nd time I made this I doubled the amount of liquid and spice and left the veggie amounts the same. I like extra broth. It's also worth mentioning that I thought I wouldn't like the Tofu- but when it's left to marinate it completely takes on the flavor of the soup! This recipe is a keeper!

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Askem23 July 05, 2002

Great soup! I'm a rookie at cooking and was very happy with the results. Thank you so much.

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Jim Giambrone January 29, 2003

I am in love with this soup. I made this last night and eating the leftovers now. I made my own broth from a whole chicken since I needed the meat for chicken salad for another meal anyway...I kept the meat from the legs and wings for this soup...I have no idea if I used only 6 cups of stock...I think it was probably more as I just filled my stock pot...I ended up adding 1 tablespoon more of soy sauce, chili sauce (I used Japanese style since I love the flavor) and vinegar (I used rice vin 'cause its what I had). I also added a tbsp of duck sauce which is something I usually add at the table when going out for chinese. This simmerd for much longer at the end after everything was added but I think it was all the better for it...I just served with some chow mein noodles and everyone enjoyed it...so yummy...I'll be making this again for sure...I may try adding slivers of beef next time...this is also easy enough to make as part of a large chinese meal. Just put the pot on the back burner to simmer while you do everything else...I normally find Chinese food to be overwhelming but this is easy and better than the restaurants and with my efforts to keep kosher in a place where there are no kosher restaurants this is a great find...thanks for posting!

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Ilysse February 20, 2009

Have been making this soup for the past year. I always double the recipe to eat for the week on my diet days. I omit the water chestnuts and corn because I've never had it before in hot and sour soup and add sliced button mushrooms. Also I use white ground pepper to give the creep up on you heat, about a tab cause I like my stuff spicy.

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evuong June 27, 2009

Yumm! This was the first time I've made hot and sour soup myself but it was excellent. I used both dried shittake mushrooms and enoki mushrooms, did not have the tofu, and left out the water chestnuts and baby corn out of personal preference. It was still wonderful! Not as rich as the soup you'd get at restaurants, but still a great, slightly lighter substitute and it was REALLY satisfying! Definitely making this as often as I can! Thanks!

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yamakarasu February 12, 2011

This was absolutely delicious! I made a vegetarian version with vegetable stock and no pork. I also used only 1 Tbsp of chili-garlic paste and didn't have the fungus, but this soup was spot-on to my restaurant favorites. Thanks for the great and easy recipe!

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jillianm18 January 24, 2010

great recipe. I used cider vinegar, and doubled both the vinegar and hot sauce for more snap. I also added a little salt.

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jagret February 04, 2009

This tastes just like the soup at my favorite restaurants. Another Zaar chef once again has made it possible to get top quality food without having to leave my house. I let it marinade for 24 hours. Definetly needed it to make the tofu taste less like tofu and more like heavinly little cubes of good stuff. I thought it was seasoned perfectly. It was hot enough to have a kick and mild enough for those who do not like it too spicy. I serve it with some more chiligarlic sauce on the side and vinigar in case someone wants to take it up a notch. Thank You nutdoc!

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Wobin September 09, 2008

WOW!!! I have made this many many times... I can't believe I haven't reviewed it. It tastes just like restaurant quality soup... if not better! I use homemade stock when I have it... otherwise I use Better Than Boullion (chicken). I like the pork option for the protein... more authentic IMO. I usually use dried shittakes since I always have them in my pantry... I soften them in 1 c of hot water and then add in this "mushroom broth" into the soup since we like lots of liquid and the deep mushroom flavor it adds is awesome! I love the combination of veggies and if I am making a small batch (since this recipe makes a lot) I will sometimes use a can of the stir fry vegetables instead of buying separate cans of each individual... no waste that way. Perfect amount of seasonings and heat for us... and I always add in a little splash of extra vinegar before serving. So good... thanks for posting!!!

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atlfitgirl June 04, 2008

In China, I never saw Hot and Sour soup with meat. I prepare it without mean and much prefer it that way because of the purity of flavor. This is the best I've seen and I think it's far better than you find in "Chinese" restaurants here.

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randyjackson85 October 28, 2006
Hot and Sour Soup