Hot 5 Bean Salad

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Total Time
5 mins
15 mins

This is an old, old recipe that still tastes good.

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  1. Fry bacon and crumble.
  2. Drain all beans and mix with crumbled bacon.
  3. Mix bacon grease, cornstarch, sugar, salt and pepper.
  4. Then combine vinegar and water and add this to the other dressing mixture.
  5. Mix with beans and heat through on stove.
  6. Serve warm.
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What a lovely treat. We really enjoyed this dish, hot and cold. I served it both ways. All the beans work really well together. I used an apple cider vinegar, it blended well with the bacon and seasonings. Thanks so much for sharing Mysterygirl.

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This makes a lovely blend of beans. I had to make a couple substitutions using butter beans in place of the limas and I used black eyed peas for the garbanzo beans. However, even with the substitutions, this recipe had perfect results! Easy to put together for a great way to serve beans! Thanks for sharing, Mystergirl!