Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

Condiment, Sauce or relish, commonly used with Roast Beef, widely used to add zest to many sauces and dips etc.

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  1. Grate horseradish, cover with white vinegar, add a little sugar, store in glass jars in'fridge.
  2. I made this about six months ago, and it is still very good and strong.
  3. When adding the vinegar to the grated horseradish, be careful of the pungent fumes, open a window!
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My family and I have been been making horseradish for the past 10 years, can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday. Many tears in each bottle as the horseradish root is much stronger than onions.

Vickey Wickenhauser October 01, 2001

Thank you Carley, your additions to the recipe sound great, I'll try your suggestions next time I make a batch. Judi Caston

Judi Caston October 15, 2002

I just made this (the first time making horseradish) and you weren't kidding about the fumes! Wow. I had to take the food processor canister outside after I ground it up to put it into the jars. We decided that we're going to let it soak for a day or two before we really use it and the anticipation is killing me! I will update my review, but it tasted pretty zesty after we mixed everything together. Delish! Thanks for posting! UPDATE: I originally posted a review in June of 2011 and wanted to update a few days later. Go figure, I completely forgot that I even made the horseradish until about a month later. It was so great that I can't begin to describe it! It tastes better than the Heluva Good stuff I've always bought from the grocery store. I think next time I will add the vinegar and process it again after a day or two so I have finer pieces but I have no taste complaints here. Everyone that has tried it since August (it's May 2012 when I'm updating) has loved it. I am getting ready to dig more out of the garden and I will use this recipe again. Thanks for posting!

PSU Lioness May 04, 2012