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I followed the recipe perfectly and frozen them. These were great, they baked a little quicker in her oven but still turned out great. I used fresh asparagus, but think I will try it with frozen next time. Thanks. Very tasty a keeper.

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Dancer^ July 28, 2002

I make these too, but mix 8oz.velvetta and 8oz. of cream cheese w/1T mayo and 1 egg and use can aspargus spears. They fit perfect on the bread and I cut them into 4 pieces before dipping in butter,freeze quickly on a cookie sheet and drop them in ziploc freezer baggies

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cyndig January 13, 2005

These certainly taste like they were a lot more work than they actually are. I learned several things from my first try: 1) I used Trader Joes frozen asparagus spears which are very thin and long, so broke them in half and used 3 of the half pieces in each bread. A different brand of fatter spears might be easier. 2) I found that I could only put 1 tablespoon of cheese filling on each bread and still be able to roll it up without it oozeing out. Therefore, I ended up with extra cheese mixture. Next time I will get 3 loaves of bread. 3) I put the first layer of rolls directly on the cookie sheet to freeze, but found that, once frozen, I could not get them off the cookie sheet to cut them in thirds. Next time I will put paper under the first layer in addition to between any additional layers. 4) I threw my cookie sheets of rolls in the freezer overnight. They were frozen so solidly that I could not cut through them. I think I need to try to cut them into smaller pieces when they are only half frozen. All in all, this is a great way to make a large number of very tasty appetizers relatively quickly.

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Donna Matthews April 01, 2006

Much requested. I have been making these for almost a year now and never reviewed. Did half recipe with no serious problems. Good with wheat bread too!

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riffraff October 11, 2004

These were wonderful. Deceptively easy and delicious! DH who is not overly fond of asparagus, loved the idea and wants to make more and stuff with broccolli and ham. I did half the recipe, but would love to make the whole thing ahead and freeze and bake just in time for a week night get together. I have half frozen and will re-review when we make those! Thanks Miller!

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Dawnab October 08, 2004
Hors d'Asparagus