Total Time
1hr 15mins
Prep 15 mins
Cook 1 hr

This is a delicious copycat recipe for Hormel Beanless Chili. The secret ingredient in crushed Fritos Corn Chips.They add a unique flavor and texture to the chili. We serve this over hot dogs, hamburgers, polenta, grits, etc.

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  1. Brown the meat with bacon grease in 4-qt dutch oven. When browned, pour off excess grease except for 2 Tablespoons.
  2. In a 2-qt mixing bowl, add water. Whisk in cornstarch until fully blended. Whisk in flour until fully blended. Whisk in tomato sauce until fully blended.
  3. Stir into the water mixture chili powder, paprika, dried onion, cumin, garlic powder, pepper and salt. Mix well.
  4. Add water mixture to meat in dutch oven.
  5. Stir in the crushed fritos corn chips.
  6. Bring to a boil then reduce to a simmer.
  7. Simmer 45-minutes. Stir well and scrape bottom of pot every 5-minutes to prevent burning.
  8. Serve as is or blend slightly with hand blender for a smoother chili.
  9. Serve over hot dogs, hamburgers, polenta, etc.
Most Helpful

As an American living abroad, I have had a craving for chili dogs with Hormel No Beans chili for months. I have to say that this recipe tastes nothing like it. While it is not a bad chili, calling it a copycat recipe is a major miss.

schultzal September 04, 2012

This is a great recipes. I have made it several times and it is always a hit. It does make a huge batch, so be prepared to portion it up and freeze it.

Maria M. December 10, 2011

I have looked and looked for a beanless chili recipe---thank you for this recipe...I am very happy with it and my Husband is looking forward to eating it for dinner. It was really easy and I loved that I had all the ingredients on hand. Thanks, thanks, Thank you---Oh, One question can I put this in a bottle and can it in my pressure canner?

Neita Jackson S. December 05, 2014