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This is a fantastic breakfast dish but to be authentic, you need to boil the potato in chunks before assembling the ingredients. Use a good kosher salami if you can find one, otherwise a good salami will do the job. I prefer a sweet onion, like a big Bermuda. Quantities of the ingredients are pretty flexible, but equal portions of salami and potato are good. Brown the potato in your preferred cooking oil, after they are nicely crisp and brown, add the onion just long enough to get it tender, add the salami and as soon as it's wamed up, add the eggs. Season as you go. Some like cheese on top, so try it an see if you like it that way. This is a hearty dish, so don't expect to go jogging after.

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meezersmom March 11, 2013


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FriskyKitty March 30, 2008

Okay, this was really good! I'm pretty sure I didn't use the measurements at all, but I did use all the ingredients (minus the ham, not a fan!). I used 1 enormous potato and I shredded i instead of dicing, NOT RECOMMENDED! The potato was a pain in the butt to work with because of the water even though I squeezed it dry as best I could. It kept sticking to the bottom of the pan when I was trying to cook it no matter how much oil I used. Oh well, my fault. There was still lots of potato after scraping off the burned bits and it turned out alright in the end. The swiss cheese is absolutely perfect and I don't usually like swiss! I tried it with a cheddar cheese also but the swiss was so much better! Thanks a ton Linda N, my mom and I both loved it!

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Christineyy! January 23, 2008

DH and I really liked this. It makes a very satisfying dinner. I added mushrooms, but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. Very tasty! Must do this again!

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forthefunofit November 02, 2007

Here's tonight's dinner! Mmmmm. Gotta go shopping. Ham and cheese planned for tomorrow's lunch, a nice green salad and crusty bread. Who could ask for more? I added some sliced mushrooms with the onions. This is a great despiration recipie! Thanks for posting.

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Countrywife July 29, 2007
Hoppel Poppel