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Thanks for giving credit to the original recipe creator! My mother is Natalie Riggin and was 2nd runner up in the Pillsbury Bake off with this recipe when she was a teenager. I can't tell you how many people have ripped off her recipe and taken credit for it. I have great memories making these cookies as a child and then with my kids. The original recipe calls for chocolate chip eyes and a cashew for the beak but m & m's work great and candy corn for the beak can be a fun variant as well

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Becca_Anne November 04, 2012

I received this recipe from a friend. I did get about 39 cookies from the recipe and they are very cute and tasty, too. They look, to me, to be a perfect retro 50-60's cookie. My version calls for M & M's for eyes and they are expressive indeed. We also pinched up a bit at the upper outer corner for horns or tufts. DH loves 'em. We're shipping some to DS who is at college.

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MollyJ October 16, 2010

I found these on AllRecipes and followed that version (EXACTLY what Chef Kelci said). I REALLY liked these, they are DELICIOUS and easy to make! I cut the recipe in half and made 15 small cookies today since it's just my boyfriend and I. I was going to send some with him to work, but we've finished half of the cookies already (and trust me, we're health nuts and I watch my calories, these are just irresistible). NOTE: This does NOT make 48 cookies, 24 is more like it. I tried to edit the recipe, but the correction was rejected.

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HEATHER H. November 01, 2009

Turned out really cute (see uploaded pic). Flavor was a little bland for my tastes (I tried the recipe with 1/2 white; 1/2 brown sugar, unsalted butter, cocoa powder and baking powder instead of baking soda - I pretty much used the recipe at allrecipes.com since I had all of the ingredients). Everyone who tried them liked them so maybe my taste buds were off when I tried one. I'll more-than-likely make these again. :)

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Mabe227 October 18, 2008

I make these cookies-not this exact way-here are the differences in my recipe- I use 1 cup white sugar and 1/4 cup LESS flour, no baking soda, instead of melting chocolate I use cocoa powder- 3 TBspoons. Everything else looks the same. I originally got mine from allrecipes.com-same recipe name. They don't have a picture of them their either. I have to take one sometime because they are truly adorable cookies. I use swirled choclate/white chips for the eyes and they look great. You have to give these a try-you will not be disappointed. Oh-use real butter too-this is a butter cookie-my version does not taste the same without the real thing-and believe me I use margarine where possible to cut costs!

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Chef Kelci October 13, 2008
Hoot Owl Cookies