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sweet and yummiliscious. Perfect blend of fig and blueberry. I was almost tempted to eat the entire jar.

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rikmisiura October 13, 2010

This is delicious jam! The flavor is absolutely divine. It was my first attempt at making jam, so I wasn't sure when it was ready. I should have let it cook a little longer I guess, because it is very runny. I don't care a bit though! Yum

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jtrushing August 05, 2009

YUMMY! I was the lucky recipient of a goodie basket from you and this jam is the first I tried. I LOVE it. Homemade jam just tastes soooo much better! Had it on toast with my morning tea and it was divine. I love that it isn't overly sweet. As I took my first bite, my eyes widened and I thought, bye bye Smuckers! Funny side note, I don't can so I had a tough time getting the top off and used a screw driver to pry it off and the lid flipped across the kitchen so the jam splattered all over the counter, cabinets, an open drawer, etc...i was licking it all up like crazy! Thank you so much for this plus my other gifts, I'm so totally touched. And again this is the best jam I've ever tasted...until I open your next one!

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Liza at Food.com May 20, 2009

This is a very unique and absolutely scrumptious jam! I tasted it during the process and wanted to keep eating it. ;) I followed the recipe exactly, however,..my jam did not set. I know this happens sometimes, for whatever reason, but my concern now is how can I try to correct my jam? Is there anything I can do to fix my 8 jars of runny jam? I am definitely no jam expert, as this is the 3rd time I've made jam, but I have seen where sometimes there are ways to correct the jam. If there is anything I can do to re-do my batch, Please let me know so I can proudly give my in-laws a jar of this recipe and knock their socks off! Lol. They are going to LOVE this!

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KellyGirlTx July 08, 2015
Honeyed Fig and Blueberry Jam