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Wow, I loved this drink, It was incredible. I so enjoyed the flavor and texture of this drink. Raw drinks are my favorites. I will be making this one again and again. thanks so much for sharing...Made for Summer 09 - Comfort Cafe...:)

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Baby Kato July 28, 2009

This is really refreshing and good. I made this more than once and it is 5 stars with local unpasteurised honey (I have also had it with sweetener left out all together which was healthy and still yummy!), I don't intend to add the sugar since it is unhealthy and maybe GMO too!!! I don't add the seeds as I know they would not have blended in right. I may make this again but I must stress use only a very ripe honeydew. Originally made for TOP FAVORITES of 2009 COOKBOOKS TAG GAME.

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UmmBinat October 16, 2011

This was absolutely and positively scrumptious. The lime juice really enhanced the taste of this drink. To give it a slight cocktail feel, I used half fresh-squeezed lime juice and half Rose's Lime Juice. And it was so delicious. I really enjoyed every last sip of this drink. Thanks for sharing, Midwest Maven. Made for 2009 Zaar World Tour #5.

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NorthwestGal May 19, 2009

This made a great and refreshing drink that reminded me of sitting on the beach in Mexico having a siesta! Leaving the melon seeds in, though authentic in Horchatas, left just a tiny bitter aftertaste imho. They also did not completely pulverize in my blender which may have been the issue. Next time I will leave the seeds out! All in all, this was a great healthy drink! Thank you Maven! *Made for ZWT5*

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Mama's Kitchen (Hope) May 18, 2009
Honeydew Horchata