Honey Wheat Oatmeal Bread - All Whole Grain Version

Total Time
3hrs 10mins
Prep 10 mins
Cook 3 hrs

This is now our daily bread -- my daughter makes it several times a week in our bread machine. This has replaced the earlier version that I have posted because we've tried to eliminate white flour from our diets wherever possible. The vital wheat gluten is what makes it possible for the bread to rise nicely. Gluten is the protein part of the wheat kernel, and you can buy a powdered form of it at most health food or whole food stores -- that's what you need for this recipe to work. Without the gluten, it'll be a brick. So, get the gluten unless you want to build a bread wall. Cooking time is for the white bread cycle on our machine. Your time may vary.

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  1. Put ingredients into bread pan in the order suggested by the manufacturer of the bread machine.
  2. If you're going to use a timer, it is vital to keep the yeast away from both the liquids AND the salt.
  3. I make this on the white bread cycle and it comes out great, but you may wish to use the whole wheat cycle.
  4. I never noticed any difference except that the whole wheat cycle took a lot longer.
  5. Your machine may yield different results, tho.
  6. If you like crusty bread, just let the finished bread set on a rack to cool.
  7. If you want a softer crust, slip the hot bread into a plastic bag so that the crust will get steamed and be nice& soft- and good for sandwiches.
Most Helpful

This is my new favorite bread machine recipe. The bread is tender but the crust is amazingly crunchy. I don't use my machine often but I will definitely be making this one again and again.

I did find that it needed more water, maybe 1/2 cup or so. Just watch it as the machine is kneading and add water a little at a time, as needed.

fakeginger September 15, 2010

This is the whole wheat recipe I've been looking for!!! So often you sacrifice flavor when you stick to purely whole grains; that's not the case here. The gluten makes for a soft, full loaf, not the dense brick I usually force myself to eat. Here is a truly 100% whole grain recipe that full of flavor and texture, and so healthy, too! I am interested in adding flax to my diet, so I substituted 3/4 cup of flour with ground flax. Flax adds a nutty flavor to the bread, distinct and very yummy. I used local flax found at my grocery store, but you can probably also get it at most health food stores. The search is over--this is the recipe you will keep coming back to!

Sheba Girl March 19, 2010

This bread is fantastic! I have been searching for an 'everyday' bread for my family that I can make form scratch that still meets the requirements of being healthy AND great tasting, and this definitely fits the bill. I don't have a bread machine, so i mixed it all in my Kitchenaid mixer and let it do the kneading for me (setting #2 for 2 minutes), then I let it rise for 1 hour. I placed the dough into my greased loaf pan, let rise an additional 30 minutes, then baked it at 375 for 45 minutes. We had some with our dinner that night (slathered in honey- delicious!) and then I stuck the bread in a plastic bag while it was still warm to let the crust soften up. Dh made himself a sandwich with it the next day, and LOVES it. Thanks so much for this new recipe for our daily bread!

eknecht August 17, 2007