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i have been searching for a recipe for honey peach chicken, my favorite dish at my local chinese restaurant, forever. the good people in the recipezaar forums suggested i try this. i followed your instructions exactly - the walnuts didn't take SO long... i just kept boiling them and changing the water as i prepped everything else. i did use thinly sliced chicken breast instead of shrimp, i doubled the sauce (because i knew from reading your recipe it would be the same and i love it), and i added some sliced canned peaches. i cooked the chicken in many batches, then when i was finished i tossed everything together (the cooked chicken, peaches, walnuts and sauce) and stir fried over the flame for a few minutes to make the peaches and sauce warm. served it with mushroom rice. it was perfectly fantastic. would it be wrong to say i love you? i am just so happy i finally tracked down this recipe. thank you!

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Kaysma April 26, 2010

I messed up a bit, so its my fault its not an awesome rating. At first my walnuts werent done or sweet enough, so i thought to toast them off in the oven with some sprinkled sugar. I bought already cooked shrimp, so they ofcourse came out rubbery. Boy! I boiled those things about 5 times, and the water was NOT any clearer. lol. I made lots of sauce by the time i was done with it. Too much lemon for me, so i dumped a bunch more of condensed milk, a lil mayo and another tbl spoon of honey. I thought "Oh well.. ill have plenty of sauce for my wal.... MY WALNUTS!" I totally SCORCHED them in the oven. D'oh. Oh well, im eatin it by golly. It took me 2 hours to make, i dont care how burnt it is. Im sure itll be MUCH better next time as long i dont screw it up again!

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gimme_a_spachler' June 02, 2009

I really love this dish, I use low fat condensed milk and it still taste good. Thanks for posting this recipe.

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superseniorita November 15, 2008

I'm overseas in Germany and suddenly the craving hit me for this dish from an Asian Diner back home. This recipe was very close. I think I would just add a little less lemon juice, but this really hit the spot! Thanks for sharing :)

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DitaVT October 28, 2008

it was really good, just like i used to order from my favorite Chinese restaurant in college. I added some of the walnuts into the batter with the shrimp before I fried them (I had loads of them because i love walnuts). it gave the shrimp a little extra crunch.

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BugleBabe05 October 24, 2008
Honey Walnut Shrimp