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This recipe made it into our Book #179627 This is an outstanding chicken dinner recipe. I did make a few changes, but it sure didn't hurt it any! First thing I did was make a seasoned butter with 4 tbsp butter, 5 sprigs of thyme, and 1 tbsp roasted minced garlic. The veggies I used were carrots, red potatoes, and onions. I baked the chicken for 30 minutes, then put the veggies around it. I took the drippings from the chicken (about 1 1/2 cups, and mixed 1 cup milk and 1/4 cup flour together, then added that to the drippings with 2 tbsp butter to make a wonderful gravy. It is unbelievable how great this tastes. I did taste the vanilla, but I added twice the recommended amount. Wonderful! I can't wait to make this one again for company! Thanks for sharing. -Bird-

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2Bleu January 02, 2008

I can not get over how good this recipe is. We left out the potatoes as the veg and chicken were enough for us, and we used chicken pieces instead of whole chicken and it was serious ah-ma-zing. For the gravy we mixed the juices from the vegetables and chicken with cream and corn flour and it was just excellent. My husband - who is not a roast veg fan - commented on how good it was. It's also a PERFECT December dish as everything was in my veggie box and we still have rosemary and thyme growing in the garden. Fantastic recipe, thanks!

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Luschka December 11, 2011

We really liked this a lot! Since I am baking in a toaster oven and needed 8 servings, I used chicken pieces rather than whole chickens. I had five in a baking dish which I covered with foil until done and then browned the skin by removing the foil for the last 10 minutes. The remaining 3 pieces I put in foil envelopes. Both methods had great results! I used 2Bleu's method for gravy and enjoyed that as well. Thanks for the unique recipe!

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Chef de Sucre June 11, 2009

Loved it! The chicken was soft and juicy and I particularly liked the garlic/thyme/butter under the skin as it gave wonderful flavour. The honey on top was also good, but the vanilla pod (that I bought only this afternoon) was so hard and dry when I opened the package that I had no hope of scraping it, so I added a small dash of extract and broke the pod into as many pieces as possible and used it anyway. The vanilla flavour was there but not nearly as much as it would have been had the pod been better I am certain. I'm low carbing 5 days out of 7 and so today didn't do the potatoes.. and I couldn't find a swede, so stuck to a mountain of carrots and parsnips. Since I thought from the title that the main focus of this recipe is the chicken and roast veg I didn't think that potatoes would be missed too much for the review... but would include them if I made this again on a "carb day". Please see my rating system: 4 great stars for a lovely recipe that is full of herby flavour and wonderful roast chicken taste. Takes a little longer to perpare than some recipes, but the result is good. Thanks!

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kiwidutch March 18, 2007
Honey, Vanilla, and Thyme Roasted Chicken